Bacteria Gets Popular

Foods with so-called “healthy” bacteria are all the rage lately. Dairy-based foods containing probioics are everywhere. Lindsey Tanner of the Associated Press reports:
These products contain probiotics, or "friendly" bacteria similar to those found in the human digestive system.

There are supplement pills, yogurts, smoothies, snack bars and cereals, even baby formula and chocolate. Sold by major names like Dannon and Kraft, they're spreading like germs on grocery store shelves and in supermarket dairy cases.

And they come with vague health claims of "regulating your digestive health" or "strengthening your body's defenses."

Experts say probiotics are generally safe, and in some cases might be helpful. More research is needed, and it's a hot new area, reflecting a growing understanding of the role that naturally occurring intestinal bacteria play in health. This week, the National Institutes of Health is hosting a conference where top scientists will discuss recent advances.
Personally, I don’t buy into the hype. Actually, this reminds me of a mind-boggling conversation I overheard at the gym. Okay boys and girls. Grab a seat, its story time. Here’s what happened.

I was at the gym a few months ago, running on the treadmill and next to me were these two portly guys about my age. I'm running along minding my own business, while they're let’s call it, “power-walking,” because at twenty-something jogging was evidently too taxing.

So I overhear them talking and the larger of the two mentions he's on the Atkins Diet, which isn't surprising because he's doughy and unhealthy looking. So naturally I'm ignoring most of the gibberish coming out of his mouth, but all of a sudden he tells his buddy, "Dude you got to eat butter. Butter is like so important. It’s like the only source of a certain bacteria that allows us to digest normally."

What! Ah yes, I can see the evolutionary chart now: ape, ape walking upright, caveman, modern man, modern man churning butter. Unbelievable! People’s general level of nuttiness and gullibility never ceases to amaze me.

When I told Dr. Fuhrman about this, he just sighed and said, “Nonsense.” I’m inclined to agree, how about you?
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Jayson - December 11, 2007 3:35 PM

Was just having a conversation about this subject with a friend, who is a nurse. In short she disagreed with my argument, nice to see I have an article to back up my thesis.

Thanks Gerry

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