Mandatory Flu Shots: NJ Goes Insane!

I can’t say that I’m proud to be a Jersey guy right now. Evidently my home state has lost its freaking mind. The Public Health Council wants to make flu shots mandatory for all children attending preschool. Before your head explodes, Linda A. Johnson of the Associated Press reports:
Parents concerned about possible vaccine dangers and government intrusion are trying to block New Jersey from becoming the first state to require flu shots for preschoolers.

The Public Health Council on Monday is set to consider whether New Jersey should require flu shots as well as three additional vaccines. If approved, New Jersey would become the first state to require annual flu shots for children attending licensed preschool or day care centers.

State health department officials also want to require a pneumococcal vaccine for preschoolers, a booster shot to fight whooping cough for sixth-graders, and meningitis shots for school children as young as 11.
This is unreal in my opinion, un-American and outlandish. What right does the government have to intrude on this parental decision? The answer is, ZERO RIGHT! Dr. Fuhrman once said this about mandatory HPV vaccines and it certainly applies here, look:
This is not about arguing about the effectiveness or value of vaccines, just whether we should mandate medical care and take another freedom away from Americans. We no longer have the freedom to take or not take medications. Sounds like the Taliban to me.
I know, I use that quote a lot, but come on, Dr. Fuhrman’s on the money! This is essentially the opposite of freedom and it’s doubly stupid when you realize that flu shots aren’t the wonder drugs that pharmaceutical companies market them to be. More from Dr. Fuhrman:
Three antiviral drugs, amantadine (Symmetrel), rimantadine (Flumadine), and oseltamivir (Tamiflu) are available in the US for influenza. These medications are only partially effective and not effective at all unless they are started within the first two days of symptoms. All are prescription drugs and have serious potential risks. Besides the more common side effects of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and insomnia, rare but serious adverse reactions have been reported including depression, suicide, and a potentially fatal reaction called Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, which involves a high fever muscle rigidity and mental status changes. I cannot recommend the general use of these medications given their poor benefit-to-risk ratio. However these medications would be appropriate in the event of an outbreak in a nursing home or hospital where immunologically weakened, high risk people are in close contact with one another.

Another drawback to Tamiflu and the others is that it takes time to diagnose the flu and by the time one gets to a doctor for an accurate diagnosis, you have passed the window in which the medications are effective. Hundreds of thousands of doses of Tamiflu will be prescribed and in more than 90 percent of instances, it will be used after the period when it has any potential to help. People will be increasing their risk of medication-caused side effect, without any potential benefit.

All medical interventions have a benefit-to-risk ratio. One has to weigh the potential risks with the supposed benefits. Often the long-term risks of medications are not clearly delineated and the supposed benefits are exaggerated by doctors and pharmaceutical companies (because after all, medicine is still a business to make money).

Flu vaccines have benefits and risks too. If you read about the flu vaccine in the information supplied by the manufacturer you will learn it contains formaldehyde and 25 micrograms of thimersol (mercury) per dose, used as a preservative. The injection of even this small amount of mercury repeatedly year after year from multiple vaccines can cause neurotoxicity (brain damage). The American Academy of Pediatrics and the US Public Health Service have issued a joint statement calling for the removal of mercury from vaccines. Chronic low dose mercury exposures may cause subtle neurological abnormalities that rear their head later in life.

Considering all the vaccines that children get already, adding the flu to the mix and giving it each year, is something I am not ready to recommend in healthy children, fed a nutritionally sound diet. That does not mean I would not recommend it to an elderly person or one with a reason for compromised immune function.

The flu vaccine itself has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential and animal reproductive studies have not been performed. Adverse reactions to the vaccine including arthralgias (muscle aches) lymphadenopathy (swelling of lymph nodes) itching, angiopathy, vasculitis, and other events reflective of toxicity. Allergic reaction, hives, anaphylaxis, neurological disorders such as neuritis, encephalitis, optic neuritis, and demylenating disorders (such as MS) have also been temporally associated with influenza vaccine.
These New Jersey officials should get a clue! Hopefully commonsense prevails, but I doubt it, after all, we are talking about government. Now, here’s a great NEW quote from Dr. Fuhrman on all this insanity. Enjoy:
It seems that lawmakers do not understand that freedom should include freedom from forced medications for ourselves and our children. The fact that we grant religions the right to do anything, but if not under a religious umbrella, those with strong science-based, philosophical-based or strong-personal belief get no such rights, I think this is unconscionable.

Especially when we are talking about vaccines with their known dangerous side-effects and potential unknown negative effects down the road. Here in New Jersey, home of the drug industry, we have no rights for personal medical savings accounts, no rights to purchase catastrophic health insurance, and no rights to refuse mandatory vaccinations. The drug companies hold the politicians in their financial pockets. People are led to believe in drugs and the exaggerated benefits of medical care and they do; the new religion in America—In Drugs We Trust.
Oh no he didn’t!

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peter bircsak - December 11, 2007 4:45 PM

This is insane. The bill was approved by the Public "Health" Council and still needs to be approved by the State Health Commissioner Dr. Fred Jacobs (609-292-7834) . There is also a bill A4070 which would provide for phiolsophical exemptions to vaccinations. It seems to be stuck in the Health and Senior Services Committee chaired by Herb Conaway who can be reached at This bill is sponsered by Asssemblyman Mike Doherty.
This is America and our freedoms are slowly being withdrawn.

Monty - December 12, 2007 3:19 PM

Could mandatory flu shots (and other mandatory vaccinations) be a run-up to mandatory Zyklon-B inhalation? Or would they take the place of it? Is this the Final Solution to the American Problem? Otherwise, why would it be mandatory?

AnneS - December 13, 2007 10:04 AM

Deirdre Imus was so fired up this morning on the Imus show. She's saying to call the governor to tell him to stop this mandate!!
Governor Jon Corzine (609) 292-6000

JD - December 18, 2007 9:32 AM

Is there anything we can do as parents if we don't want our kids taking mandatory flu shots?

SSS - February 28, 2008 5:38 AM

I know lots of people that regularly get flu shots. Most seem to get the flu. I have NEVER had a flu shot. And I have NEVER gotten the flu! Seems to me these shots are more trouble than good.
Big brother is on the move again. Watch out for the thought police.

Lisa - March 24, 2008 4:55 PM

Any medical procedure that carries with it the risk of injury or death should be the choice of the patient or the patient's guardian. The choice to vaccinate or not to vaccinate should be based on informed consent.

Take a look at the new website for the NJ Coalition for Vaccination Choice to learn more or get involved in repealing the new mandates getting legislation for the conscientious belief exemption passed in NJ.

pauline valencia - December 18, 2008 12:12 PM

The flu shot should not be mandated especially to children who are so frail. Doctors and nurses dont even get the shot ,because the know the consequences of this to their health, body and their immune system.Flu is not a one time disease unlike the other childhood diseases(mumps,chicken pox,polio etc),we get exposed to it every now and then and there are different strain of flu viruses.The disease is self limiting, once the course is done our bodies had already produced it's own antibodies to fight back the disease and the strain of virus it is exposed to.What about the people who mandated this ,do they take the flu shot every year?Do they mandate it to all their co-workers and employees too? Why do we have to mandate it to this children who can not even verbalized how they feel,can't even take care for themselves but rely to thier parents actions and loving care? The Flu shot doesn't prevent children from getting the disease but we are exposing them more to toxins.And flu shots is not a one time shot but every year.

Lo - January 9, 2009 10:42 PM

This was the 1st year I got a flu shot and the 1st year I believe I've ever had the flu (I will be 38 this year). I also had my 1 1/2 year old vaccinated (day care requires it). 4 days later he was hospitalized with pneumonia & lung disease. Coincidence? Maybe. Why is our government invading on our medical treatment choices?!

Vikal Dubey - August 4, 2010 2:09 AM

The Immunization condition in Philippines is very poor. I just want to know How many people are there are Immunized against influenza and How many doses of Influenza have been distributed for seasonal flu in Philippines?

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