Canada Says Don't Give Kids Cold Medicine

Citing overdoses, misuse and limited evidence that cold medicines even work in children, Canadian health officials have urged parents not to give over-the-counter cold remedies to kids under the age of 6, expanding their original recommendation of 2 years of age; Reuters reports.

Last year, U.S. retailers scrambled to pull cold remedies out of stores after the government warned of their potential health risks to infants and the Food and Drug Administration contemplated an outright ban on children’s cold medicine, but later rejected the proposal.

Dr. Fuhrman doubts cold remedies, pointing to a study in Journal of Pediatrics showing that in a head-to-head comparison, placebo and cough medicine had the same effect. All kids improved after 3 days, with no difference in symptoms between the placebo group and medicine group.

It’s a cold, ordinary sniffles. Do we really need medicine for that!

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Leo A Blair II - December 24, 2008 1:21 PM

It is amazing what big pharmaceutical companies will do do the all mighty dollar! And parents think they're helping.

What about eliminating dairy from your childs diet? Dairy is a bad actor too.

Blessings to the children of the world!

HappyCat - December 25, 2008 7:44 AM

None of these are a cure, they're just supposed to provide some symptomatic relief. Some are better than others. Often the best thing is to stay quiet and drink lots of clear fluids. A nasal rinse can help your sinuses drain. Sleep is the other big healer. My secret weapon is 50 mg of zinc every day, which is a high dose but I do well on it.

It's your body's immune response that makes you feel so miserable, and in some cases it kills you. What killed people during the great flu epidemic wasn't the flu, it was the pneumonia caused when the body tried to fight off the flu virus and the lungs became inflamed and filled with fluid. Same thing with bird flu, the lungs fill up.

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