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What Doctors Don't Know

The Cardio Blog is all over research suggesting many doctors aren’t worried about patients' out of whack cholesterol. Take a look:
61% of doctors stated they don't feel frustrated when they are unable to lower cholesterol levels in their patients, despite understanding the severe health risks that go along with it. Are they not taking it seriously? Is it that they just don't expect their patients to take it seriously? Whatever the issue, make sure you have a doctor that takes a personal interest in you and your health.
Now I respect doctors—heck, I work for one—but sometimes what they don’t realize is truly amazing. Dr. Fuhrman provides an example in Eat to Live:
I see about twenty to thirty new patients per week, and I always ask them, “Which has more protein — one hundred calories of sirloin steak or one hundred calories of broccoli?” When I tell them it’s broccoli, the most frequent response I get is “I didn’t know broccoli had protein in it.” then ask them, “So where did you think the calories in broccoli come from? Did you think it was mostly fat, like an avocado, or mostly carbohydrate, like a potato?”

People know less about nutrition than any other subject. Even the physicians and dietitians who attend my lectures quickly volunteer the answer, “Steak!” They are surprised to learn that broccoli has about twice as much protein as steak.
For more on broccoli’s nutrient content, check out Nutrient Density of Green Vegetables.
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