Interview with a Nutritarian: Ruthlette

Ruth always took good care of her body, but right along with middle-age birthdays came increasing weight gain. She was feeling the heaviness and burden of the scales climbing higher each year .  Thankfully, at age 44 she discovered a new book that changed her life in the aisle of a Whole Foods Market. Welcome to Disease Proof, Ruth.     


fit nutritarianWhat was your life like before discovering Eat to Live?

I’ve always been into health and exercise, but when I turned 40 it became harder to keep weight off and look toned; even with the daily cardio exercise and weight training.  Although I was still able to fit into most of my clothing, some were snug and I would no longer wear them. The numbers on the scale were creeping up and I felt heavy and sluggish.  

I had been mainly a vegetarian. I ate lots of fruits and vegetables, but I did eat cheese, yogurt and salmon.  I tried The Zone Diet but gained 10 lbs. after a year of sticking with Dr. Sears' terribly unappetizing recipes.  At 5’7” I topped the scales at 140 lbs. I was open to becoming vegan, but afraid to take the plunge, because I wasn’t convinced that it was healthy. 


How did you find out Dr. Fuhrman high nutrient eating style?

 I went to Whole Foods and saw a display of health books.  One was Eat to Live, and I noted that the book quoted from The China Study, which I had read and greatly respected. I decided to commit to nutritarian eating.


 What happened and how do you feel now?

Within three months I lost 15 pounds, dropped two to three dress sizes, and reduced my body fat from 33% to 24%. I feel younger and sexy, and I now have more energy and feel rested each morning.  My workouts are stronger and I’m finally toned again ~ my husband says that my body looks like a teenager’s! (By the way, my husband also lost 15 lbs!) 


portrait of RuthDo you have any success tip(s) to share with others?

  •  It’s important to understand that you can’t eat all-you-want of “healthy” foods like nuts, seeds and whole grains.   When I first started Eat to Live, I wrote to Dr. Fuhrman on Ask the Doctor and told him that I couldn’t believe how much food I could eat and still drop 4 lbs. in the first couple of weeks.  He warned me not to "pig out" and to only eat until I was full.  I was initially put off, but eventually learned that he was right.  I learned to listen to my body and stop eating when I was full.  After that, I dropped even more weight rapidly. 
  • I eat greens with every meal: spinach in my morning smoothie, a large salad with soup for lunch, and a large salad with dinner.  By loading up on salads first, my “hunger” is largely quenched.  I’m amazed at how much more energy I have by eating less!

In a nutshell, what has nutritarian eating done for you? 

It has made me able to be more in tune with my body.  Fueling my body with nutrient rich foods helps me have more energy and look and feel great!


Congratulations Ruth for taking the plunge into nutritarian eating!