Green-News: Wednesday 5.27.09

Image credit: Paul Mannix

Green-News: Wednesday 12.24.08

  • And higher temperatures could mean more males. Warmer incubations are pivotal to the hatching of male crocodiles and fish. Scientists believe a change of just 7 degrees will yield 3 males for every 1 female, this ratio is unfavorable for maintaining populations; LiveScience explains.
  • Methane gas is coming at us from all angles. Power plants and livestock spew greenhouse gases into the sky, but hotter temperatures are bringing it up from the ocean too. Methane from melting underwater permafrost is bubbling out of the East Siberian Sea; via National Geographic News.
  • Estimates reveal 100 million Americans breathe sooty air in 46 metro areas of the United States. And recently, the EPA added 15 more cities to list, in surprising locations, like Alaska. Diesel-burning trucks, power plants and wood-burning stoves are to blame; from the Associated Press.