Inspiration: Crazy Joe Clark, Lean on Me

We’ve all seen the movie Lean on Me, starring Morgan Freeman, about former principal of Eastside High School in Paterson, New Jersey, Joe Clark. I love the movie! It’s like the Godfather. Anytime it’s on I have to watch it. Now, here’s an interview with the real Crazy Joe:



Inspiration is a kick in the pants and Mr. Clark will gladly whip your butt into shape. So, whether it’s losing weight, getting to the gym, improving your diet or asking that coworker out. Pick yourself up and do it. If you can’t, think about Joe Clark and what he fought through. Feed on that!

Image credit: ralongx

Take Junk Food Out of Schools, Kids Eat Healthier...

An upcoming study in the Journal of Nutrition claims removing sugary snacks, i.e. vending machines, from schools makes kids more likely to eat fruits and vegetables. And this effect held up even when kids returned home. Most likely because kids are already full, having not eaten empty calories. Currently, 72% school districts limit the fat in cafeteria food and number of vending machines; The Orange County Register reports.

According to the CDC, many schools are already selling less junk. And other officials are working hard to get soda machines out of schools. College is a little different, but my school was loaded with vending machines, snack foods and fast food, and kids ate it up!

Via That’s Fit.