Marilyn is Losing Weight and Feeling Great...


America is overweight and unhealthy, so it’s refreshing too see people defy the odds, like Emily. She slimmed down, and today she’s a totally different person. Trulie too! She’s healthier than ever. Now check out Marilyn, she’s a pharmaceutical representative who’s amazed by Dr. Fuhrman’s program:

I just wanted to tell you that I've been eating primarily an Eat To Live diet for the last seven months, with a lot of it being raw fruits and veggies. I have personally dropped 10 pounds and feel great. I really didn't need to lose this weight. But I love it!

I am 5 foot 2 inches and now weigh 112 pounds. That being said I work out almost everyday so I am also a lot of muscle. Recently my HDL increased substantially as well which is truly amazing. My fiancé has lost over 30 pounds. I am so proud of him! I also find your way of practicing medicine ideal.

I am a pharmaceutical representative and promote a diabetic medicine. It is interesting, to me, the correlation between diabetes and eating. You would also be amazed at the offices I call on. When I order healthy, vegetarian lunches for offices, they complain that it's not some deep fried chicken choice…continue reading.

Freshwater Across America Hopped Up on Drugs!

Bad news for fisherman, sampling by the Environmental Protection Agency discovered fish caught near freshwater treatment plants serving major U.S. cities, like Chicago and Philadelphia, contained residues from pharmaceuticals in them, such as medications used to treat high cholesterol, depression and high blood pressure, as well as trace amounts of soap chemicals. Even minuet concentrations of these compounds can harm aquatic life and contaminate drinking water; the Associated Press reports. 

It gets worse! Pay attention guys. All the chemicals in our environment are causing more hermaphrodites in the animal world and in human populations in the United States and Japan the number of male births is on the decline, but girl babies are on the rise. Scientists suspect female hormones from contraceptive pills reentering the water supply are to blame.

In related news, perfluorinated compounds, fluorine-containing chemicals used to make products like shampoo and dental floss may cause infertility in women. That means one thing. We all better start having sex before it’s too late. Do it for the species!

Image credit: Andy Hares