On Manager's Special 5.18.09

A few bunches of broccoli, only $1.25.


A whole bunch of European pears $1.25.


Some ripe bananas $1.25.


And today's total is $3.75. No too bad, but weird that they were all the same price, maybe its a dark omen.

On Manager's Special 4.20.09

Great looking organic zucchinis only $1.00.


Six anjou pears for $1.25.


And a bunch of ripe tomatoes just $1.25.


Grand total, a measly $3.50. Not a bad haul if you ask me. 

I needed tomatoes, so I was excited to see them. I don't really like anjou pears, but my mom loves them, so she can have them. As for the zucchinis, they'll go in the steamer.

On Manager's Special 4.6.09

A bunch of apples and a pear only $1.00.


Really tasty black grapes $0.60.


And my favorite, broccoli for $0.99.


Final total, just $2.59. Pretty hard to argue with that! 

I eat a ton of broccoli every week. The black grapes are really awesome. I've had them before, very sweet and no seeds. And apples are always great to have on hand, same with pears.

On Manager's Special 2.23.09


Ripe bananas only $0.75!



Apples and a pear $1.00.



And my mom found these baby carrots for $1.50.

Grand total just $3.25. Very cool.

Okay, those bananas are going into smoothies, apples and pears make great snacks and I'm sure my mom will do something cool with the carrots.

On Manager's Special 2.9.09


Great looking corn, just $1.00.



My mom bought these, Fuji apples and Anjou pears $2.17.



Super ripe bananas $0.64.

Grand total, only $3.81. Freaking awesome!

This week, was really good. All the stuff was in amazing condition, especially the apples. Fuji apples are my favorite. I think they taste like caramel.