Eating to Live on the Outside: Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai Cuisine

Quick! I need to catch a plane. This week Eating to Live on the Outside heads to Seattle to check out Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai Cuisine. It looks pretty good, but not perfect.

Jhanjay’s menu is loaded with vegetables, no doubt about that, but a lot of the food is stir-fried, which is a problem. So, with that in mind, here’s a quick list of things I might order:

Vegetarian Rolls

  • Fresh mint, green leaves, carrots, cucumbers, rice noodles, tofu, wrapped in rice paper and served with homemade sauce; the noodles and rice paper make it iffy.

House Salad

  • Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, red cabbage and house dressing; looks cool, but dressing on the side.

Papaya Salad

  • Shaved green papaya, carrots, tomatoes, green beans and peanuts tossed with lime juice; I order this everywhere I go!

Larb Tofu

  • Chopped tofu, mushrooms, red onions, mint, chili, lime juice, cabbage and toasted rice powder; I’d ditch the rice powder.

Mango Salad

  • Sliced green mango, apple, carrots, roasted peanuts, fresh herbs and tamarind sauce; I like this too!

Sweet and Sour

  • Onions, bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and pineapple stir-fried with sweet and sour sauce; lots of veggies, but the stir-frying stinks.

Broccoli Lover’s

  • Garlic, broccoli, onions, carrots and mushrooms stir-fried oyster sauce; same deal with the stir-frying.

Swimming Rama

  • Stir-fried spinach, bean sprouts and garlic topped with peanut sauce; love that spinach.

Abundant Asparagus

  • Mushroom cake, asparagus and shitake mushrooms stir-fried in garlic sauce; I have no idea what mushroom cake is, but asparagus rocks!

Mountains of Mushrooms

  • Portobello, enoki, ceps and shitake mushrooms stir-fried in special light garlic sauce; I do like mushrooms.

Jhanjay does serve up a lot of vegetables, but if I had to pick, I’m staying away from the stir-fries and going with the house salad or the papaya salad. Odds are it’d be the papaya. It’s too hard to pass up.

Okay, I know its Saturday and you might be hung over or too tired, but if you have a second, scan through Jhanjay’s menu and let me know what you’d order. Hint-hint, go with the papaya salad!

Image credit: Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai Cuisine

Eating to Live on the Outside: Herbivore

Inspired by Chicago’s vegetarian health initiative, this week Eating to Live on the Outside digitally visits Herbivore vegan restaurant in California. And I got to say, I really like it!

Okay, I just finished scouring Herbivore’s online menu. Here’s a list of food I might order. And you’ll see that the salads are fantastic! Take a look:

Scrambled Tofu

  • Tofu, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes and toast with fruit spread; sounds good, but I’d pass on the toast.

Basil Pesto Scrambled Tofu

  • Tofu, potatoes, basil pesto and toast with fruit spread; same deal here.

Southwestern Scrambled Tofu

  • Tofu, salsa, potatoes, black beans, guacamole, vegan sour cream and corn bread; I’d nix the faux-sour cream and corn bread.


  • Oatmeal with grilled bananas, maple syrup and cinnamon; the syrup is a little iffy, but I can deal with it.

Roasted Almonds

  • Almonds with lemon-cayenne seasoning; seems good to me.

Vegetable Sampler

  • Char-broiled vegetables, pesto, tahini, lemon-garlic sauce and baguette; the veggies being charred stinks, but it might work, and no bread for me.

Sweet & Sour Noodle Soup

  • Rice noodles, tofu, spinach, carrots, broccoli, oyster mushrooms, tomatoes, pineapple, bean sprouts, green onions and cilantro; okay, soup is always dicey, because you never know just how salty it is, so ask the wait staff first. Now, the rice noodles aren’t great, but the rest of the stuff is awesome!

Coconut Noodle Soup

  • Rice noodles, tofu, spinach, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, bean sprouts, oyster mushrooms, tomatoes, green onions, cilantro and coconut; same thing with this.

Green Salad

  • Mixed greens, cucumbers, carrots, avocado, red cabbage, onions, bean sprouts, tomatoes, red beets, mint and dressing; very cool, but dressing on the side.

Spinach Salad

  • Spinach, mushrooms, red onions, toasted walnuts, roasted red peppers and hemp dressing; I dig it!

Green Papaya Salad

  • Green papaya, tomatoes, green beans, red cabbage, carrots, onions, peanuts, mint, lettuce and tamarind dressing; papaya salad is one of my favorite things to order.

Indonesian Noodle Salad

  • Rice noodle, greens, tofu, cucumbers, pineapple, orange, sprouts, mint, cilantro, red cabbage, onions, sautéed oyster mushrooms, ginger and peanut or tamarind dressing; I’d skip the noodles and stick the dressing on the side.


  • Lime marinated oyster mushrooms, tofu, red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, jalapeño peppers and crostini bread; I’ll pass on bread.

Quinoa Salad

  • Quinoa, spinach, kidney beans, red onions, celery and lemon shallot dressing; same thing with the dressing.

Roasted Red Beet Salad

  • Red beets, greens and balsamic dressing; I like it.

Raw Kale Salad

  • Kale and lemon olive marinade; its hard to beat kale!

Raw Red Beet & Spinach Salad

  • Red beets, spinach and lemon shallot dressing; same thing with the dressing.

Kung Pao

  • Char-broiled vegetables, peanuts, cilantro, brown rice or basmati rice and a green salad with Dijon mustard dressing; I’d go with brown rice and get the dressing on the side.

Red Curry

  • Char-broiled vegetables, red curry, potatoes, cilantro, brown or basmati rice and tofu; brown rice again.

Lentil Loaf

  • Lentil loaf, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, seasonal greens, red beet sauce and crostini bread; passing on the bread.


  • Eggplant, potatoes, soy protein, tofu ricotta, mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers, spinach, marinara sauce and crostini bread; same deal with the bread.

Herbivore is loaded with awesome food! Especially the salads, they’re probably your best bet. If I had to chose, I’d either order the Green Papaya Salad or the Indonesian Noodle Salad. They both rock!

You might try Herbivore’s juices and smoothies too. They’re made with cool stuff, like beets, spinach and pomegranate. So, check out Herbivore’s menu and let me what you’d order! Eat wisely. Peace.

Image credit: Herbivore Restaurant