Green-News: Wednesday 5.27.09

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Green-News: Wednesday 3.18.09

  • Microsoft is also joining the eco party. Microsoft aims to cut emissions by 30% by 2012 and their new data center features environmentally amenities, such as lights that turn on and off when someone walks in and out of a room and under-floor cooling systems, efficiently cooling the building as cold air warms up and rises; via TreeHugger.

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Green-News: Wednesday 2.11.09

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Green-News: Tuesday 2.3.09

  • Some scientists think dumping bales of crop waste deep into the ocean could cut atmospheric carbon build up by 14%. At depths of more than 1,500 meters there is very little mixing of deep water and surface water, keeping carbon on the ocean floor thousands of years; NewScientist investigates.

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Green-News: Thursday 11.20.08