Interview with a Nutritarian: Felicia

Felicia didn’t own a scale, and she had stopped going to the doctor because she didn’t want to get on one. Then one day Felicia was visiting her sister and decided to weigh herself. She was shocked to discover that she weighed almost 350 lbs! Thankfully, soon after that she was channel surfing and found the local PBS station broadcasting Dr. Fuhrman’s 3 Steps to Incredible Health, and her life was radically changed! Welcome to Disease Proof, Felicia. 

What was your life like before discovering Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritarian approach? 

I was a “vegetarian”, or so I thought; not realizing the food I was eating contained animal products. I’d been a vegetarian for many years but continued to gain weight. I got to the point where I didn’t even want to tell people that I was a vegetarian because of my weight. Most people think vegetarians are thin and healthy, and I was not.

I didn’t own a scale because I didn’t want to know how much I weighed. I even stopped going to the doctor, because I didn’t want to get on a scale.

I continued going through life ignoring some of the signs indicating I needed to lose weight. For example, I would get out of breath if I walked a certain distance or if I had to climb a flight of stairs. If I sat on the floor, it was difficult to get back up. My daughter would ask me to go to the mall with her, and I wouldn’t go because my back would hurt if I stood or walked around, and I would get tired or start sweating profusely. I was not living my life to the fullest, because my weight was a hindrance. I felt limited in my activities.  

One day I was visiting my sister, and I decided to get on her scale and was shocked to discover that I weighed almost 350 pounds! I thought, “Gee, I’m bigger than a lot of football players!” I decided to go on a diet and lost a few pounds but gained them back and more. That’s when I said to myself, “I have to do something soon, because I refuse to purchase bigger clothes.”


How did you find out about it?

One Saturday I was supposed to go to the movies with my daughter and nephew, but I opted not to go. They went on and I stayed at home and watched television instead. I started scanning through the channels and saw Dr. Fuhrman on our local PBS station, and he was talking about his Eat for Health book. It was refreshing to hear a doctor talk about eating our way back to health instead of using medicine to treat chronic illnesses. As a rule I would’ve turned the channel, but for some reason I continued to watch it. I took notes and started on the program the next day. Soon afterwards my daughter gave me Dr. Fuhrman’s book, Eat to Live, and I used that as a guide.


How do you feel now?

I feel fantastic! I’ve lost 161 pounds so far (my goal is to lose 30 more pounds). My back no longer hurts, I have energy, and I don’t have vertigo episodes anymore. I feel physically liberated from the chains of obesity.  It has completely changed my life for the better!


What success tip(s) to you have to share with others?

  • Make nutritarian eating a lifestyle; not a weight loss program.

  • Be 100% committed.

  • Take it one day at a time. 



Congratulations Felicia ~ you are a wonderful inspiration! Keep up the great job!

Freedom is for everyone!

before and after images of female nutritarian

I’m soon approaching the two year anniversary of committing to Eat to Live, and I’m still amazed at the results of getting my health back. I almost forget now what it was like to survive in an obese body for almost twenty years of my life. I really can’t remember what chronic joint pain or chronic fatigue feels like anymore. When I was obese I had to lie down several times throughout the day to relieve my aching back from the excess weight that I was carrying around. I stayed indoors a lot, even on beautiful days. I gradually didn’t want to be in public, because I was embarrassed of my size and didn’t have “anything pretty to wear.” I never rode a bike or hiked trails. I rarely played ball or outdoor games with my kids. I never ran in races. I stood by the sidelines cheering for others at athletic events. I was a spectator of life; not a participant. I was a prisoner trapped in a foreign body that held me captive. I’d lost myself to obesity and deteriorating health.  

Recently I attended a party on a hot, summer day wearing shorts and a cute, summer t-shirt. Two years ago, I attended all social events on hot sultry days wearing my standard outfit, which I now refer to as my obese uniform; a size 3x pair of black, stretch pants with a black, long sleeved blouse over a black, knit top. Of course it covered up my fat along with causing me to perspire profusely, but little by little my body somehow adjusted to being overheated. My fingers were so puffy and swollen that years ago I quit wearing my wedding ring. I purchased a sterling silver band for ten bucks and put it on my finger instead.

Oh, and I mustn’t forget the constant fatigue and brain fog. I went to bed at night exhausted and woke up the next morning in a fog. My belly was always bloated, I ached all over, and I eventually accepted the general malaise feelings as a part of getting older. On top of being pre-diabetic, I had a heart catherization and was diagnosed with heart disease in 2003 and was racking up new medical bills with each passing birthday. With the combination of shortness of breath when climbing a flight of stairs and my blood pressure at 157/94, I knew that I was living precariously on the brink of danger so on July 10, 2008, I committed to get my health back. 

before and after female nutritarianTo make a long story short, within a year, I lost a hundred pounds and most importantly, I was set free from food addiction that held me captive to all kinds of eating disorders for years. (click here to view my transformation journey) Today I no longer experience lethargy, brain fog, achy joints and back pain, depression, and the emotional turmoil of not feeling well; and I’m off the radar screen for heart disease and diabetes. As an additional perk, I now have cute clothes that I enjoy wearing on hot summer days, and I love to ride my bike, hike trails, enter running races, and be in the great outdoors.



I encourage anyone who is sitting on the fence of indecision to take the plunge and embrace nutritarian eating all the way. Give 100% with both feet in. That doesn’t necessarily mean 100% perfection, especially in the beginning months of toxic withdrawal, but it does mean pressing onward through obstacles, no matter what; no excuses. Don’t ever give up on the dream of getting health back. Freedom is for everyone!    


                                   happy female after running a race