What works for you?


Periodically we feature interviews with successful nutritarians here on Disease Proof. I thought it’d be helpful, insightful and fun to devote a post for you, the reader, to write success tips in the comments section below to encourage and help others. In other words, what works for you?

To get the ball rolling, the following are a few tips that have worked / continue to work for me:

  • It took an unwavering commitment to the Eat to Live eating plan, even when I gagged on greens those first attempts at eating them. (Now I’m addicted to greens!)
  • I devoted the better part of a year to focus on the mechanics of making Eat to Live an integral part of my life. I reprioritized my schedule. I excluded many social events that were centered around the standard American diet that year. I cut out extra activities to make time to study and understand Dr. Fuhrman’s materials. I surrounded myself with upbeat and positive people on the member center who continually supported and encouraged me.  I did whatever I needed to do to keep focused; and now eating for health is an engrained habit ~ a lifestyle.   
  • To this day I keep nut butters out of the house because I can easily overeat on them. 
  • To this day I limit eating dried fruits and banana ice creams to only special occasions, because they rev up my sweet tooth for more sweets.
  • I’ve learned to be content with boundaries as they keep me out of food addiction and unnecessary weight gain. Some may view boundaries as restrictive deprivation, but I view them as a small price to pay for the enjoyment of ongoing freedom and health.


What about you? What are some success tips that you’ve discovered in your journey to health?  Your tip(s) just may be the key that unlocks someone else's prison door!



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Interview with Nutritarians: Rick and Lynne

Since Valentine Day is on Sunday, I want to interview a couple, Rick and Lynne, who recently celebrated 40 years of marriage and are committed nutritarians. They plan to enjoy many more wonderful, and now, healthy years together. Welcome to Disease Proof Rick and Lynne!

                                   newlyweds cutting wedding cake

How did you discover nutritarian eating?

For us it has been a long and gradual process to discover and eventually commit to nutritarian eating. About 15 years ago we gave up eating red meat and pork products, and then eventually gave up consuming chicken due to their growth hormones and antibiotics.   Then my sister Laurie and her husband, Darryl, led us the rest of the way to discover Dr. Fuhrman’s high nutrient eating-style. 

Since Darryl and Laurie visit us once or twice a year, they help with the grocery shopping and cooking. In the process they have shared healthier food preparation and recipes with us. Laurie and I have swapped recipes for years and now we have healthy ones to share with each other.


What motivated both of you to commit 100%?

We both attended a lecture by Dr. Fuhrman in Clearwater, Florida, and then attended his health “Getaway” this past summer. His lectures were so informative and full of science to back up his eating plan. Plus it was great to spend a whole week eating delicious, healthy food and then return home from a vacation having lost a few pounds rather than gaining! Of course, it was also wonderful to meet other nutritrians and eat meals and socialize with likeminded people for an entire week. 


How has eating for health changed your lives?

We didn’t have a lot of weight to lose to begin with; surprisingly, we’ve both lost 17 lbs, and now weigh less than the day we got married! Our cholesterol levels are in a healthy range now, and a recent blood pressure reading for Rick was 105/72 and mine was 113/72. We feel so much better eating this way. Even when we eat a substantial meal, because we choose the healthiest foods possible, we don’t have that heavy feeling of being stuffed and bloated afterwards. We are looking better in our clothes and have been able to wear some things that we haven’t worn in years. Now we’re donating our larger clothes because we know we’ll never need them again!


Has it been beneficial to be on this journey together?

Yes!  We offer each other the full support and daily encouragement to eat the healthiest foods possible.  We both want to live long and healthy lives and not die early of a preventable disease.  Rick and I love each other so much that we want as many years together as we can possibly get! My great grandparents were married for 71 years, and I hope we can meet or exceed that number!

                                             picture of a nutritarian couple

Congratulations Rick and Lynne on celebrating your 40th anniversary! Now that you are both in excellent health, may you continue to celebrate many more!