Robyn Loses Weight and Her Headaches...

Too many people get fat and stay fat, but others actually do something about it. Like David, he dropped the weight and then started running marathons. And Robyn, she used to be confused about diet and ate all the wrong things, but today she’s looking good and living headache-free:

My headaches are gone, I don't feel hungry between meals, and rarely have food cravings — and when I do, it's for leafy greens! It is so much more pleasurable to eat when you are really hungry, which now occurs much less frequently.

Eight months later, I was 65 pounds lighter. I am content eating pleasurably and healthfully and just feel so much better. I now have the energy to exercise again and enjoy it. Not only do I feel better, but my hair, skin and nails are in the best shape ever…continue reading.

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