Green-News: Wednesday 3.11.09

  • Climate scientists evaluate the dangers of climate change with very specific criteria, including damage to ecosystems, extreme weather events, and health and economic risks, and after considering all these, experts claim earth may be entering a climate danger zone; NewScientist investigates.

Image credit: Augen.Blicke

Green-News: Wednesday 12.24.08

  • And higher temperatures could mean more males. Warmer incubations are pivotal to the hatching of male crocodiles and fish. Scientists believe a change of just 7 degrees will yield 3 males for every 1 female, this ratio is unfavorable for maintaining populations; LiveScience explains.
  • Methane gas is coming at us from all angles. Power plants and livestock spew greenhouse gases into the sky, but hotter temperatures are bringing it up from the ocean too. Methane from melting underwater permafrost is bubbling out of the East Siberian Sea; via National Geographic News.
  • Estimates reveal 100 million Americans breathe sooty air in 46 metro areas of the United States. And recently, the EPA added 15 more cities to list, in surprising locations, like Alaska. Diesel-burning trucks, power plants and wood-burning stoves are to blame; from the Associated Press.

Green-News: Tuesday 12.23.08

  • On New Year’s they drop the ball. But some people shoot off fireworks too. And sure, they look cool, but they hurt the environment and your health. A new study shows that fireworks aggravate respiratory conditions, like asthma, because they release harmful aerosols; NewScientist reports.
  • Ethiopia is giving away 4 million low-energy light bulbs. For free! All citizens have to do is trade in their old-style incandescent bulbs. The new lights will last longer and help lower people’s energy bills. But, the low-energy bulbs won’t last forever and are 6 times more expensive; from the BBC.
  • So, amidst all the swirling weather news, President-elect Barack Obama has appointed two climate change experts, a physicist and a marine biologist. One will serve as Obama’s science advisor and the other will oversee ocean and atmospheric studies; from The New York Times.