It's Time for a Revolution!


Goerge Washington and men crossing river

Are you sick and tired of a medical culture that's influenced by drug reps trained in communication skills and research funded by pharmaceutical companies instead of scientific nutritional research?

Are you fed up with a health care system, including dietitians and food service personnel, who see absolutely nothing wrong with serving pizza, fried chicken, beef 'n noodles, dinner rolls, butter and jelly, cake, ice cream, and pudding to severely ill patients?

Are you disappointed that our educational system values and prioritizes college and career preparation over instruction in optimal health and longevity? How fulfilling and productive is a career intermingled with food addiction and hangovers? What enjoyment and satisfaction is there in a beautiful home and nice car mixed with alcoholism, eating disorders, heart disease, depression, chemo treatments, pain meds, diabetes, and broken relationships?

Are you saddened by a social culture, including religious, academic and athletic; that models, by example, and promotes gluttonous pleasures and indulgences? What will happen to a society in which eating for disease has run rampant? 

Are you disturbed by the fact that a quarter of a million dollars can be spent on a preventable heart surgery, and $110 for an unnecessary vial of insulin, while entire families go to bed hungry? Is it even ethical to squander such financial resources?  

The change of one is a transformation.

The change of many is a revolution.

Change begins with you and me. 

It’s time for a revolution!


“We are free to choose our actions. We are not free to choose the consequences of our actions.”   -Steven Covey


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