"I could never do that!" part 2

Not long ago I wrote a post titled, I could never do that!  It was about the response I get when I tell others how I’ve lost weight, and their reaction to the idea of eating meals primarily composed of plant based nutrition. From the many Disease Proof readers that wrote comments, that post resonated deep within; solidifying the fact that most all of us could never live with the consequences of eating disease promoting foods.

The topic is beating passionately in my heart now as it's hit close to home. Recently my mother suffered a stroke, and I’ve been experiencing first hand the time, resources, and energy that will now be required to manage the debilitating disease. A stroke results in a sudden lifestyle change magnified by a hundred: immobility due to muscle paralysis, incontinence for some, inability to swallow normally resulting in slurred speech and the need for pureed foods and thickened liquids, multiple medications, therapy, lack of independence and freedom; just to name a few.

Lifestyle change. 


Lifestyle change is the very reason why most continue to choose to eat the standard American diet; or worse yet, follow a quick weight-loss gimmick. It takes time, resources, focus, and energy to switch over to eating high-nutrient, plant based foods. 

  • One has to routinely wash and cut up lettuce leaves, fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • One has to cook a pot of soup instead of order take-out. 
  • Many have to suffer through a period of withdrawal to overcome toxic cravings for sugar, fat, processed foods, and salt.
  • Some feel socially isolated in a culture that’s fixated with eating for disease.
  • Some are even ridiculed for eating for health!
  • Many have to pack their own food if they eat away from home.
  • Most have to become serious students of nutrition to understand the science behind dietary recommendations, because knowledge is the motivation behind their changes.  

No doubt about it, there’s a radical price to pay to successfully switch over to thoroughly enjoy eating plant based nutrition. However, once the toxic cravings are gone, and the taste buds have changed, one never wants to return to SAD. In fact, the psychological trappings of food addiction and eating disorders disappear! It’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of freedom and wonderful health benefits for the rest of one’s life! 

As the old adage goes, “Pay the grocer or pay the doctor.”


Have you made the lifestyle change, or are you dragging your feet; waiting for a debilitating disease to radically change your life and make you its prisoner?


Let’s all continue to choose high nutrient foods that will reap the benefits of great health today and for years to come! It’s a small price to pay. 


What price are you willing to pay to enjoy great health?   


image credit:  flickr by taberandrew