United States Swine Flu Cases Reach 1 Million

Swine flu rattles on! U.S. health officials now believe the virus has infected an estimated 1 million Americans. In June, it was reported the infamous flu already nailed all 50 states. According to the CDC, the United States has roughly half of the world’s swine cases, with 3,065 hospitalizations and 127 deaths—and the number of hospitalizations is growing; DiscoveryNews reports.

I could cover swine flu everyday—I’ve tried my best to spare you—but it’s still important to keep you updated. Like how vaccines currently used to against swine flu, such as Tamiful, are useless and that Dr. Fuhrman recommends healthy diet and good hygiene to prevent the flu.

And here’s another important tidbit. Researchers have determined non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs—called NSAIDs—used to treat the flu may cause multi-organ failure. Eek!

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New Swine Flu in Brazil. Pig Flu Hits Summer Camp.

Oh that nutty swine flu is at it again! In Brazil, scientists claim they have discovered a new strain of swine flu. It was diagnosed in a 26-year old man who had been hospitalized with flu symptoms following a trip to Mexico, where it’s believed the H1N1 outbreak began. However, officials aren’t sure if this new strain is more dangerous than the original virus; via HealthDay News.

And be careful when shipping your kids off to summer camp. Three children at a Georgia camp have contracted swine flu. One child was hospitalized briefly with mild symptoms and another 60 campers and few staffers were being quarantined and treated just in case; CNN reports.

It’s getting repetitive to say, but the best defense against flu viruses—even swine and bird flu—is excellent nutrition and good hygiene, like frequent hand washing. Try chanting oink-oink too.

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First Flu Pandemic of the 21st Century!

On Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared swine flu (or H1N1) as an international pandemic, urging world governments to prepare for a lengthy battle with a potentially unstoppable new flu virus. Swine flu is already in all 50 U.S. states and countries like Canada, Australia, Chile and the United Kingdom. Scientists worry swine flu could mix with bird flu or other seasonal flu viruses and current vaccinations—such as Tamiflu—are ineffective; Reuters reports.

Last year, experts at the WHO stated 11% of flu viruses in the United States and 25% of flu viruses in Europe are resistant to antiviral drugs. So far, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there have been 17,855 cases of swine flu and 45 deaths the United States.

To help protect against swine flu—as well as other serious strains of flu, such bird flu—Dr. Fuhrman recommends superior nutrition and good hygiene, like washing your hands frequently.

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Over 100,000 Americans Have Swine Flu

Officials confirm there have been 4,700 confirmed cases of swine flu in the United States, but now experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim the actual number may have hit 100,000 nationwide. Not all incidences are severe, with many cases appearing to be mild. States hit hardest are Illinois with 638 infections, Wisconsin 613, Texas 506 and California with 504 and deaths have been reported in Arizona, Texas, Washington and now New York; HealthDay News reports.

The swine flu is frightening. While it may not be the big one, Dr. Fuhrman insists a flu epidemic is likely—at some point—because most Americans are unhealthy and flu vaccines don’t work. Instead, a better defense is a healthy-immune system bolstering diet and good hygiene, like hand washing.

In related pig news, Japan insists cloned meat, including swine, is safe to eat. And some scientists suggest pigs may easily transmit deadly bacteria, like Staphylococcus, to humans.

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Today's Vaccines Won't Stop Swine Flu

Oink-oink, the swine flu is here! So far the virus has killed 149 people in Mexico and has spread to the U.S., Canada and Europe. Many fear this could mark the start of a pandemic. Swine flu is a variant of the human form of influenza and current seasonal flu vaccines do not protect against it. Swine flu, technically called H1N1, spreads very quickly and drug makers may not be able to develop a vaccine quick enough; Reuters reports.

And last year, the CDC claimed some strains of flu are actually becoming resistant to the drug Tamiflu. Luckily, like avian flu, protecting yourself against pig flu is easy. Practice good hygiene, wash your hands and eat plenty of nutritious foods like green vegetables and fruit, which bolster your immune system. Now, just to be sure I asked Dr. Fuhrman:

Swine flu is coming, a widespread flu attack can't stay away forever and there are no vaccines or drugs that are effective. You must protect yourself with excellent nutrition and proper hygiene. Don’t touch your face in public places and not until you have washed your hands. And wash children’s hands and face when they first get home from school.

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Lack of Sleep Leads to More Colds

This is ironic. I’m both exhausted and sniffley today. A new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine claims people who sleep for less than 7 hours every night may get more colds. Researchers examined healthy men and women between 2000 and 2004 and found participants who didn’t get enough sleep were more likely to develop a cold after being exposed to a cold virus, backing up previous studies suggesting sleep deprivation may impair immune system function; Newswise reports.

Crap! I better go buy some tissues. Now, not getting enough sleep is no joke. Other research has associated lack of sleep with heart problems and obesity and 40 million Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. That means there are a lot of sleepy fat people running around with bad hearts. Eek!

And another way to avoid a cold, and even the flu, is practicing good hygiene, like washing your hands.

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25% of People Say No to Flu Shot

A survey of 4,000 adults revealed 53% of people would not get a flu shot this year and 25% of that said they did not need one. Unlike the CDC that recommends 85% of the population get vaccinated against the flu. Someone needs to use up the 146 million doses just sitting around; via Reuters.

The flu shot thing is mired in propaganda. According to Dr. Fuhrman, most people eating a nutrient-dense diet and practicing good hygiene can easily ward off flu cells. No need to set off a panic!

Healthcare Workers Don't Get Flu Shots...

People think flu shots are heaven sent. They’re not. Many of our flu shots are outmatched and flu strains are gaining new resistances. Maybe that’s why 60% of American healthcare workers do not receive the flu vaccine; The Washington Post investigates.

But remember, a healthy diet, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and good hygiene, specifically hand washing, are great defenses against flu cells!