Interview with a Nutritarian: Jaime

Whether we realize it or not, we’re always influencing others, for good or for bad, by the choices we make. It’s always fun to read the rippling affects that one person’s wise choices have on many others. Remember Jodi’s interview  from a few weeks back? Jodi not only got her health back, but her actions made a life-changing impact on her younger sister, Jaime, in the process. Welcome to Disease Proof Jaime.  



What was your life like before discovering Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritarian eating-style?

I suffered terribly from migraines. My life revolved around headaches; either having them or worrying that I would get one. Last year I was averaging twelve migraines every month. For years I was on multiple medications for headache pain and preventative care.   I felt trapped. I was taking so many drugs that I didn’t know whether I had major health issues or just lots of side effects from all the medications. I felt like there was no hope for my headaches so I just accepted the suffering, and lived for the next miracle pill. I also ate lots of the wrong kinds of foods and was very self conscious about my weight, and as a result, suffered from low self-esteem.      


How did you find out about Eat to Live?

I knew about Eat to Live from my sister, Jodi.  After many years of hearing about it I dabbled with some of the concepts for awhile, but then quit. I knew how successful Jodi was at eating high-nutrient foods and witnessed her miraculous recovery, but I never thought I’d embrace this eating-style for myself. 

When Eat for Health came out Jodi sent the book set to me. It sat in the wrapper for three months before I even opened it. One day I decided I was sick of how I looked and felt so I opened the books and read them from cover to cover. Right then I decided I wanted to do this. 

My migraines did not improve though, because I was following the eating plan during the week and eating my old foods on the weekends. I ate this way for over a couple of years. 

Jodi had always suggested that I attend one of Dr. Fuhrman’s Health Getaways, but I never considered going to one. Somehow I ended up going with Jodi to the Getaway in San Diego in the summer of 2010. However, I’d decided beforehand that I would have no interest in the lectures, but at least it would be great being with my sister for a week. 

My life changed that week! Besides the wonderful week with my sister, I met the most amazing people, and Dr. Fuhrman’s lectures were incredible! Also, two moments that were pivotal for me was Sarah Taylor, the emcee, asked us to make a commitment to follow Eat to Live for 30 or 60 days; and that night I made a commitment for 30 days. The other moment was when you [Emily] told your success story and said that one can’t “straddle the fence” and expect to see great results; meaning one can’t have one foot in nutritarian eating and the other foot in the standard American diet . . .  both feet have to be in. That made a big impact on me since I could totally relate. I still think about those “Wow!” moments to this day.


How do you feel now?

I feel amazing! I made it to my first 30 days and was so excited that I committed to 30 more! During that time, I had one headache…one headache in 60 days! 

With each pound lost, I gained confidence as I realized there was a whole different person inside of me, and I liked the new person too!   My personality changed because I was feeling so well and not living under a cloud of headaches. The improvements have been incredible; I saw them instantly and I have never stopped seeing them. I’ve had five migraines (total) since making the commitment to high-nutrient eating, and none were bad or long-lasting. I’ve taken no medications whatsoever; and today, a year later, I am totally migraine free!  

I’ve lost a total of sixty-one pounds, have my life back, and feel great! The weight loss was the bonus to it all!


What success tips have helped you the most?


  • Making the commitment in short, achievable goals worked for me because I was able to meet those goals and feel the success. 

  • I do not look at the Eat to Live eating-style as a diet, but how I live my life.  I never falter in my belief that I want to eat this way for the rest of my life.

  • Have a support system. My sister has been my best cheerleader and her support has been unwavering. Also, the members on Dr. Fuhrman’s website have so many tips to share; the people that I've met through the whole experience have helped me so much . . . . support makes a huge difference. 

  • I work long hours during the week so I make recipes on the weekend. I love blended soups which are easy to make and then I freeze them in smaller containers. In the cooler weather I'll have soup every night with either leftovers or steamed vegetables. I always have fruit with greens at breakfast and some kind of whole grain. I make huge salads to take to work. I love them. I love all the foods that I eat. 

  • Experiment with foods and tastes that you like. Food has to appeal to you. I like sweets so I tend to have dressings, sauces and soups that taste sweet. 

  • I also love Dr. Fuhrman’s website for studying recipes and using the recipe rating system.  

  • Find what you like to eat and discover what motivates you . . . and enjoy your life!


IJodi and Jaime (sisters)n a nutshell, what has nutritarian eating done for you? 

Nutritarian eating has truly changed my life! Besides the obvious of eliminating migraines and the weight loss, the total change has brought me such confidence, happiness, and pride. I’m healthy now and a totally different person! 

My husband, Joe, has been so amazing and supportive; and Jodi has been my inspiration, and I can’t thank her enough . . . . . but I also know that I did this . . . . no one else did it for me, and that is the best feeling in the world!   

I had the power and desire to live. 

There is no going back for me.



Congratulations Jaime ~ we are so proud of you!  Keep up the great job!

Interview with a Nutritarian: Bill

It’s always fun to watch the rippling effect of those who get their health restored. This past January my story inspired Gary to get his health back. Then Gary’s co-worker, Bill, noticed Gary’s dramatic changes and was motivated. Now, almost 100 lbs lighter, Bill is so excited to be healthy and feeling great for the first time in his life! Welcome to Disease Proof, Bill. 

nutritarian male - before and after pic

What was your life like before discovering Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritarian eating-style?

My life was out of control, but I didn’t know it. The mirror was a lie for me, because I was living in denial. I had high blood pressure, and I was on meds for various things but thought, “Hey, I’m getting older and this comes with age.”  Food was an addiction and I was addicted! I ate all day and no food was off limits. I hate to think how many calories I ate and how many of them were empty calories.


obese maleHow did you feel then?

I felt like garbage after eating a meal. At 268 lbs I couldn’t run or participate in activities that I wanted to do. I was slowing down to a crawl, and my future didn’t look hopeful. The really sad part is that I didn’t see myself as obese, and I didn’t realize that being tired all the time was due to poor nutrition and the excess weight that I was carrying around.  It was a downward spiral that desperately needed to be stopped.


How did you find out about Eat to Live?

I was beginning to lose weight through eating better foods and exercising when a co-worker introduced me to nutritarian eating. He was eating more than I was and losing more weight! I was beating myself up in the gym and closely monitoring everything I ate while he was eating big meals of raw veggies, beans, fruits, and nuts. I decided to start eating high nutrient foods also and my body responded in the first few days! I was hooked!


How do you feel now?

I feel like for the first time in my life I have energy! I now weigh 172 lbs and I’m alert and function at a higher level than ever before. I enjoy life now! I eat foods that make me feel good and give me the nutrition that my body has needed all along. My stomach is never upset and I love the way that food tastes these days.


  Before Current
Weight  268 lbs  172 lbs
BP 178 / 92 126 / 62
Cholesterol  229  171
Waist  48"  36"
Body Mass Index  36  25
 Fasting blood sugar 101  95


Do you have any success tip(s) to share with others?

Go all the way and get yourself clean from processed foods. Do the six week challenge religiously! It works so well the first week, and each week gets better and better. By the end of my six weeks I wanted to stay on the program forever. Do this for yourself and for your family; it’s so worth it!  It’s hard for me to think that anyone could read Eat to Live or Eat for Health and not want to begin the program.


In a nutshell, what has nutritarian eating done for you?

It has saved me from leaving this planet early and has made me a better person with more confidence and a renewed zest for life. I want to eat foods that feed my body and allow me to function at the highest level possible. This way of eating fits into my lifestyle and is sustainable for the rest of my life!



Congratulations Bill and keep up the great job!


Happy Thanksgiving!

runnerEarly this morning, in the drizzling rain and cool temps of northern Indiana, my oldest son and I ran in my hometown’s annual 4-mile Thanksgiving run. Just before the start, the announcer exclaimed with much enthusiasm that a record 2400 runners had come out for run; making it one of the largest Thanksgiving 4-mile runs in the nation this morning! Then the National Anthem was played and I absolutely lost it as tears of gratitude and joy welled up in my eyes. On this Thanksgiving Day, amongst the sea of runners, I was one of them; a healthy athlete ~ a bona fide runner!     

Just three years prior, I was 100 lbs overweight. I'd been obese for nearly twenty years and had given up hope. I had heart disease, pre-diabetes, chronic fatigue, depression, lower back pain, achy joints, and shortness of breath from just climbing a flight of steps or walking to the mailbox and back.

Well, those days are over . . . for good!

Thanks to making the commitment to follow Dr. Fuhrman’s high nutrient eating plan as outlined on p.179 of Eat to Live, I lost the majority of excess weight within ten months. I no longer have heart disease, pre-diabetes, or any of the above mentioned maladies; and even more importantly, I'm now free from food addiction and the resulting eating disorders that had plagued my life for years. 

As I was nearing the finish line and making my legs give that final extra push, and the exuberant crowd was cheering, I couldn’t help but think, “I’m an obesity survivor!”

This same freedom is for everyone!  

Cheering for all to do whatever it takes to enjoy optimal health this Thanksgiving Day and always ~ you will never regret it! 

Interview with a Nutritarian: Barb

Barb is one of those committed and steadfast nutritarians who always has an encouraging word to share with others on the member center of Not only did she shed disease promoting habits and pounds, but she also gained a whole new way of celebrating life to the fullest. Welcome to Disease Proof, Barb!

           before and after pic of a female nutritarian

What was your life like before discovering Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritarian eating-style?

I was forty-five, career focused, and pursuing very few of the activities of my youth. I suffered from daily indigestion, skipped and irregular heartbeats, hip pain, bleeding gums, heavy and painful periods, seasonal allergies, bad breath, constipation, hemorrhoids, back and shoulder pains, and nose bleeds in the winter. Both my mother and grandmother had heart attacks in their sixties and seventies so I figured that I would too since I seemed to have their same, weak heart symptoms; namely, mitral valve prolapse, and irregular/skipped beats.  


How did you find out about ETL?

I became a vegan and noticed health improvements so my curiosity led me to search the web, and that’s when I discovered the health benefits of a mostly vegan, whole foods diet.  After reading several books from various doctors, I decided Dr. Fuhrman's plan was the most scientifically sound so I decided to follow it.

How do you feel now?

I feel no pain, no tiredness, no irregular heartbeats, none of the above symptoms that plagued me for years.  In other words, I feel great!   I’ve recorded how my health has improved on my blog.





Weight (5’9”)

 158 lbs

 118 lbs

Blood pressure



Resting pulse rate






female nutritarianDo you have any success tip(s) to share with others?

At first, Dr. Fuhrman's eating-style seemed too extreme for me.  However, even with adopting a gradual approach, I noticed many health improvements (especially after cutting out dairy and meat) that it encouraged me to keep going and learn more.  The noticeable changes inspired me to take the next step which created an upward spiral of success for me.   Then I discovered Dr. Fuhrman's delicious salad dressings, dips, soups, and smoothies, and now I think this is the best-tasting food in the world! I find it easy to eat nutrient dense foods.

At first I did struggle with social issues, because I felt so different at restaurants and parties when I took my own food.  Now I don't care what other people think, and it turns out they don't care either!  Recently, I was at a meeting at my church and cookies were being served to everyone, and I was given carrots and celery.  It was hilarious.  I recommend persevering through the social issues as people are much more accommodating than imagined.  


In a nutshell, what has nutritarian eating done for you? 

I am no longer focused on my career, but living my life to the fullest.  I'm pursuing all kinds of physical activities that I thought I was too old for ten years ago: mountain biking, road biking, kayaking, hockey, body power, boot camp, workouts at my gym; plus, I’m actively involved in community service.  My future will be completely different since I won’t have to save for expensive health insurance associated with the degenerative diseases that most people suffer from in their older years.  This changes my financial situation for the better and I can cut back on my workload substantially, which is revolutionary for me! Nutritarian eating has literally changed my life!


Congratulations Barb on getting your health and life back!