Inspiration: Return of the King, this Day We Fight!

Alright nerds, listen up. Are you sluggish? Can’t drag yourself to the gym lately? Ate something you shouldn’t have. Or just feeling lazy? Well, fire up your geek radar, time to get inspired! If an evil horde threatened your home world, what would you do? Cower in fear? No. King Aragorn wants you to fight!



I know, I know. This is totally dorky, but millions of people get charged up over the Rocky movies, so why not the Lord of the Rings too. Whatever it takes! Like me, I’m a huge music fan. Blasting heavy metal or great classic rock gets me going and helps me knock out the extra mile. What works for you?

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Family-Based Approach Helps Kids Lose Weight

Change the way kids think about health and lifestyle. According to new research, published by The Cochrane Library, family-based interventions, such as improving diet and more physical activity, help overweight children lose weight more than conventional self-help approaches. Scientists insist it’s important for parents to get involved and influence their children’s behavior; Reuters investigates.

Instilling healthy habits early is a great idea, especially when it comes to fitness. It’s been reported that a person’s activity level in youth, influences their over health as an adult. Maybe that’s why South Korea is giving away free gym memberships to children. Darn it! I want a free membership.

And don’t forget. Studies have shown kids eat like their parents. So dad, put down deep-fried hotdog!

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Your Doctor Doesn't Exercise

At my gym there’s an obese doctor. He’s a sweet old guy. But I can’t imagine taking health advice from him. And new research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine claims only 21% of doctors get the recommended amount of exercise. They blame lack of time, no motivation or lack of workout facilities. Even those with on-the-job gyms failed to exercise; from Health Magazine.

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