Green-News: Wednesday 7.8.09

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Green-News: Wednesday 5.13.09

  • Canada is pushing towards biofeuls too, in this case ethanol, but the move is drawing concern from other countries, like the United States. To make ethanol, you need a lot of grain and there is controversy over the greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural practices used to raise feedstock grain; from

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Green-News: Wednesday 4.22.09

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Green-News: Wednesday 3.18.09

  • Microsoft is also joining the eco party. Microsoft aims to cut emissions by 30% by 2012 and their new data center features environmentally amenities, such as lights that turn on and off when someone walks in and out of a room and under-floor cooling systems, efficiently cooling the building as cold air warms up and rises; via TreeHugger.

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Green-News: Wednesday 12.3.08

  • Wind power might change the weather. Using a computer model, scientists determined a mega wind-farm from Texas to central Canada and the Great Lakes to the Rocky Mountains, on the average, lowered wind speeds by 2-3 meters per second; Discovery News investigates.
  • Our energy demands show no signs of slowing down. Leading researchers to believe that even if we switch to clean power, all the heat generated from our energy needs might still cause the planet to warm up, despite the reduction in greenhouse gases; NewScientist reports.
  • Rainforests soak up carbon emissions. But they’re being chopped down in order to grow biofuels. Here’s the problem, a new study has determined the benefit of using this land for biofuel wouldn’t show up for 75 years. Meaning forest conservation is more eco-friendly; TreeHugger explains.