Green-News: Wednesday 6.24.09


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Green-News: Wednesday 5.13.09

  • Canada is pushing towards biofeuls too, in this case ethanol, but the move is drawing concern from other countries, like the United States. To make ethanol, you need a lot of grain and there is controversy over the greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural practices used to raise feedstock grain; from

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Green-News: Wednesday 5.6.09

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Green-News: Wednesday 4.22.09

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Green-News: Thursday 2.5.09

  • A waste management company in the U.K. has invented a garbage truck that runs on fuel made out of trash collected from 25 bins installed around Northern England. The rubbish charges the truck’s battery and provides 10 megawatts of excess electricity to the grid. But, the trash is burned; DiscoBlog reports.
  • Gas prices have gone down, but more and more people are still looking to carpool. Massachusetts has implemented a state-wide system to promote car-pooling and the number of applicants doubled last year and in Germany, over 700,000 citizens use an online ride-share program; TreeHugger explains.

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Green-News: Wednesday 11.19.08

  • Pollution has plateaued, following 6 years of growth, says a new report by the United Nations report, but there’s a catch. Data for the previous 2 years has not be announced; via The New York Times.