Greetings from Emily Boller

I was obese for nearly twenty years, and by the time I was in my late 40's I had experienced heart disease, hypertension, pre-diabetes, hopelessness and depression, achy joints, lower back pain, “brain fog,” and loss of energy from chronic malnutrition and carrying around the extra weight.

Due to being chubby I was put on my first, nutrient restrictive diet at age six by well-meaning, but totally misguided adults.  I gradually developed anorexia that required hospitalization at the age of 17. Eventually I ballooned to 238 lbs., and attempted almost every diet imaginable on the market.  I ended up in the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting; psychological and physiological deprivation followed by binge eating episodes and more weight gain.

Back in 2002, I read Eat to Live for the first time, but put it away because I incorrectly assumed that a lifestyle of eating mostly high nutrient, plant based foods would be totally impossible to achieve in our culture.  However, after a few years of mounting medical bills, including a heart catheterization and various other medical incidents, I made the decision to get my health back, and committed to the nutritarian way of eating on July 10, 2008.

before and after images of Emily BollerAlmost ten months later the majority of 100 lbs was shed, and today I no longer have heart disease, pre-diabetes, hypertension, achy joints, lower back pain, organic depression, brain fog, or chronic lethargy. I documented the entire journey; including pictures, medical stats and how I was feeling from month to month.  To view it click here.

Because my body is now well nourished from eating nutrient rich foods, the intense cravings that compelled me to eat high fat, processed foods are now completely gone. I have literally been set free from toxic food addiction and the resulting eating disorders that developed that controlled my every waking moment for as long as I can remember.


I'm a former food addict that understands the utter despair and all-consuming pain and confusion of eating disorders. I understand a broken heart from loss of personhood and dignity due to anorexia, yo-yo dieting and obesity. I understand what it means to be so discouraged and hopeless that the desire to live fades; and I understand what it feels like to be completely free from toxic food addictions through embracing the nutritarian lifestyle while living in this junk food culture.  It is my sincerest desire to inspire, encourage and walk alongside those who want to successfully live in the same freedom.


 All the best of optimal health to everyone!