Do you need a reboot?

garbageOver Memorial Day weekend I cleaned out the garage. I clean it about every three months, and no matter how much I try to keep it clean and organized, it always gets dirty and cluttered again within three months!  [a dirty glove from winter sledding, a broken skate, empty salt bags from the water softener, a flat bike tire, an old quilt that the cats slept on, some dirty gardening tools that nobody put back in the storage shed, a few empty water bottles, a cardboard box, a misplaced container of pool chemicals, the Christmas tree stand that didn't get put up into the attic, some old boots that don't fit anyone anymore; plus lots of dirt and leaves, dirt, and more dirt and leaves]

As I was cleaning I thought about how our bodies require continual cleaning and maintenance to keep them healthy and in good working order.  It takes ongoing effort, planning and preparedness. If we get careless and allow *stuff* (toxins, fat cells) to accumulate, it requires a major overhaul to get clean and function properly again.

The popular pop-culture word now is "reboot."

I like that word.

Every once in a while we may possibly need to reboot our garages . . . . and our bodies.

Otherwise our garages will look like the ones from the Hoarders show and our cars will no longer fit into them; and eventually our bodies will look like the ones from the beginning episodes of The Biggest Loser and our clothes will no longer fit.  (Not to mention the detrimental damage that'll be done to our arteries, blood vessels, pancreas, heart, etc.)  In fact, if the waistband becomes a bit snug, that’s a clear indication to reboot.  A tight waistband means unhealthy plaque is building up in the arteries and blood vessels.  Quick ~ nip disease in the bud!

If we've been careless with food choices, and have allowed toxins and fat to accumulate, it's time to reboot. It's time to go back to the six week eating plan in Eat to Live and follow it carefully, with little to no deviation.  It’s time to clean the clutter, (aka detox), and change the tastebuds.

How about you? 

Do you need a reboot?