Inspiration: Braveheart, They Will Never Take Our Freedom!

It’s time for your weekly shot of inspiration! Inspiring stories are all around us. It could be a stand up comic with Cerebral Palsy or a nerdy guy dancing his way around the world. Maybe it’s the unifying power of music or intergalactic robots doing battle. It can even be a rousing speech like this.



Listen, I know Braveheart is just a movie, but a scene like that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It’s great! I can’t sit still after something watching it, but what about you? What gets your blood pumping?

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Folic Acid Pills Reduce Risk of Preterm Birth?

New findings in the journal PLoS Medicine claim moms who take folic acid supplements for one year prior to getting pregnant are 50% less likely to have a premature baby. Experts analyzed self-reporting of folate supplementation by 38,033 mothers and found premature delivery rates were cut up 70%. The drop was most profound for resulting in cerebral palsy, mental retardation, chronic lung disease and blindness. Here are Dr. Fuhrman’s thoughts on the study:

The need for folate is reflective of the inadequacy of the Americans dietary practices. The medical profession and everyone else it seems translate all these findings into the need to take a pill, instead of the lack of green vegetables in the diet.

Taking a pill is permission to eat the same crummy diet that causes child to get cancer, as well as moms. If instead, we stated the truth that a low-folate diet is dangerous and you must eat your greens every day. Then we would really see childhood cancers plummet.

Via EurekAlert!

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Inspiration: Josh Blue, Last Comic Standing

This dude really touches my heart. I’ve done comedy. It’s hard enough as is, but Josh Blue, winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, U.S. Paralympic Soccer player, painter and living with Cerebral Palsy, defies the odds. He’s hysterical and shows a beautiful mind knows no bounds:



Josh is awesome on so many levels. I don’t watch Last Comic Standing and it wasn’t until I saw him on Comedy Central that I discovered this fantastic human being.

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