Eating to Live on the Outside: Carmelita

Hooray! The week’s finally over, time to eat. And this week Eating to Live on the Outside is heads to Carmelita Vegetarian Restaurant in Seattle, Washington. It looks good, lots of unique creations.

Okay, I’m staring at the online menu right now. Well, there’s not a ton of food to choose from, but definitely some interesting and creative options. Here’s what caught my eye:

Roasted pear salad, arugula, candied pistachios, Point Reyes bleu cheese and lemon-pistachio vinaigrette; I’m ditching the cheese.

Baby lettuces, Trampetti extra virgin olive oil, lemon and sea salt; I’m nixing the salt. The olive isn’t great. But I can deal with it.

White bean-quinoa cakes, Tagglasca olive tapenade, tomato relish, tomato gastrique and fried basil; the fried basil is a little iffy.

Grilled baby potato salad, green beans, smoked paprika vinaigrette and oil poached egg; no egg for me.

Butternut squash puree, Gruyere, candied pumpkin seeds, arugula and sage pesto; I’ll pass on the Gruyere, i.e. cheese.

Artisanal polenta cake, apple/sweet potato hash, foraged mushroom sauce and fried parsnip; the fried parsnip isn’t great. But I love mushrooms.

Farro Tagine, spicy walnut pesto, braised squash, Swiss chard and pomegranate molasses; greens and pomegranate, fantastic!

Wow, lots of exotic-sounding food at Carmelita’s! But if I had to pick, I’d go for the baby lettuce, olive oil, lemon salad or the butternut squash puree with arugula. Both look cool!

Carmelita’s might be slim-picking, but it still works! I dig it, but what about you? Check out Carmelita’s menu and tell me what you’d order. Until then, eat wisely. Peace.

Image credit: Carmelita