Green-News: Wednesday 7.15.09


  • Dr. Fuhrman’s friend and veggie advocate, Heather Mills, has opened an organic vegan cafe in Hove Lagoon in West Sussex in the United Kingdom, called The Vbites Café. Heather is a big proponent of a meat-free life and may soon launch her own line of frozen vegan faux-meat foods; TreeHugger explains.


  • Electric cars are already very popular in Europe, but experts speculate the sales of electric cars in the U.S. could jump 86%, by 2030. Now, the cost of battery charging systems may exceed $320 billion over the next few decades, but the healthy-savings due to less pollution could save us $210 billion; Reuters reports.

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Green-News: Wednesday 7.1.09

  • Would you pay $175 a year to fight global warming? I think I would. That’s what experts say new climate change legislation will cost the average household each year. The $175 comes from the increased cost of doing business and higher sticker price for consumer products—like cars and refrigerators—but many households can expect rebates; via The Daily Green.

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Paul McCartney Digs Meat Free Mondays

It’s a pretty simple idea. Eating a lot of meat is unhealthy. Raising a lot of meat whacks the environment with carbon dioxide. So a new movement called Meat Free Monday is encouraging people to eat vegetarian one day a week. Sir Paul McCartney is a big fan:



If you’re reading this blog, you already have a bunch of meat free days, but convincing our beef loving world to give up meat—even for a day—is going to be hard. But some people have high hopes. Chicago’s Health Commissioner wants all Chicagoans to go vegetarian.

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Green-News: Wednesday 6.17.09

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Green-News: Wednesday 5.20.09

  • Despite the confederacy of deniers, a new study in The Lancet suggests climate change poses the greatest challenge to health, claiming warmer temps worsen disease patterns—like malaria and dengue fever—compromise water and sanitation, and cause extreme weather. Experts say the problem has been neglected and now needs immediate attention; Med Page Today reports.
  • The infamous Kyoto treaty has been largely viewed as soft on greenhouse gas emissions, with countries like the United States and China resistant to making major changes to reduce their carbon output, but now, acknowledging the shift to a low-carbon global economy, China is working to develop a better climate deal; The U.K. Guardian reports.

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Green-News: Wednesday 4.29.09

  • However, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the U.S. should lead the negotiations toward a global treaty on climate change. Meeting with other countries, accounting for 75% of emissions, Clinton insists there is no longer any questions that growing concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide are warming the planet, which can propose economic, health and security challenges; The New York Times reports.
  • Speaking of public health, greenhouse gases contain harmful compounds like methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and sulfur hexafluoride that threaten human health. Additionally, higher temperatures can cause droughts, floods, wildfires, rising sea level and disruptions of agriculture; from Fresh Greens.

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Green-News: Wednesday 4.1.09

  • Drive around. You’ll see plenty of foreclosed homes and construction projects grinded to a halt. The reduction in homebuilding might be bad for the economy, but good for the trees, maybe. American loggers are chopping down fewer trees because the demand has dried up, but to cut costs, tree harvesters in other countries might start using cheaper, less sustainable and more environmentally harmful methods of logging; via Inhabitat.
  • Speaking of cars and fuel, in 2014 California will have 46 retail hydrogen stations. As of now, only six states have hydrogen refueling stations, 26 in total, open to the public. Most are privately owned and only used for corporate fleets and vehicles. The project will cost $181.5 million and will be funding by government incentive programs; from CarTech Blog.

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Green-News: Wednesday 3.25.09

  • Or you can join the 40% of Americans who believe global warming is exaggerated, i.e. nut jobs. The results, obtained by Gallup poll which surveyed 1,012 adults over four days, also showed Americans rank global warming last out of the eight environmental issues they were asked about, others included water pollution and animal extinction; the AFP reports.

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Green-News: Wednesday 3.11.09

  • Climate scientists evaluate the dangers of climate change with very specific criteria, including damage to ecosystems, extreme weather events, and health and economic risks, and after considering all these, experts claim earth may be entering a climate danger zone; NewScientist investigates.

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Green-News: Wednesday 3.4.09


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