Green-News: Monday 12.1.08

  • The Bush Administration has issued a request to state governments. Tell us how much you don’t want us to regulate emissions. Current provisions will establish a mandatory limit on carbon dioxide, the Whitehouse feels this is a bad idea; via The Washington Post.


Green-News: Tuesday 11.25.08

  • You could buy an expensive filter to clean your air or you could buy a plant. House plants like peace lily and Chinese evergreen help remove benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and other toxins from the air; via Huddler.
  • Environmentalists hate President Bush’s environmental record. But in one last hurrah he plans to create the largest marine conservation area in the world. Meaning he’d be protect more of the earth’s surface than anyone else in history; NewScientist explains.

The President Exercises, So Can You!

Barack Obama, like presidents before him, exercises regularly, even on Election Day! Nowadays, Obama, a former smoker still trying to quit, and his wife, future First Lady Michelle, are both avid gym rats, playing basketball, lifting weights and doing cardio; The NY Daily News investigates.

Obama’s lead is perfect for our chronically sedentary nation. And actually, his predecessor George W. Bush also fought hard for exercise, recently unveiling a presidential fitness test for adults.

Now, Dr. Fuhrman insists regular exercise is an important part of longevity. Even centenarians urge staying active. So get out there and move, running, Yoga, Tai Chi, whatever!

Via That'sFit.

Green-News: Friday 11.21.08