Green-News: Wednesday 5.6.09

Image credit: John J Page

Eating to Live on the Outside: Earth Tonez

Hooray for the weekend! This week Eating to Live on the Outside heads to Earth Tonez in Brooklyn, New York. It’s got potential, plus they use biodegradable packaging and cutlery. Very cool!

Alright, I’m flipping through Earth Tonez’s menu now, which should tell you I’m not actually at the restaurant. I get that question all the time! Anyway, here’s a list of things I might order:

Grilled Veggie & Cheese Panini

  • Zucchini, squash, onions, peppers and melted cheddar on a spinach panini; the cheese is out and the bread is iffy, but I’ can handle it.

Five Spice Burger

  • Vegan burger patty with house spices, basil, garlic, pepper, parsley and oregano served with arugula and tomato; same deal with the bun.

Earth Tonez “Tofurger”

  • Tofu patty, eggplant tapenade, mixed greens, sautéed mushrooms, shredded carrots and organic mozzarella; I’m ditching the cheese. Oh, and with all of these sandwiches I’d order the side salad.

Oriental Veggie Slaw

  • Napa cabbage, shredded carrots, green onions, cilantro, house dressing, rice vinegar and organic sesame oil; all that salad dressing stuff is going on the side.

Earth Tonez Garden

  • Mesculun, endive, arugula, radicchio, dried cranberries, walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette; same thing with the dressing.

Mi Gente Salad

  • Roasted corn, plum tomato, edamame, avocado and homemade vinaigrette; sounds good to me!

Mid East Vegan Salad

  • Vegan fish, cranberries, crushed walnuts, red onions, dried herbs and secret marinade; I’ll pass on the faux fish and get for the marinade on the side.

Mediterranean Salad

  • Feta cheese, Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, red onions, green and black olives and red wine vinaigrette; no feta for me and I’ll let the olives slide this time.

Yeah, not a ton to choose from, but Earth Tonez still serves up plenty of veggies. As for me, I’d order either the Earth Tonez Garden or the Oriental Veggie Slaw. I always aim for something with greens!

Earth Tonez isn’t the best we’ve seen, but I like it, it works! But what do you think? Would you order the same as me or something different? Check out Earth Tonez’s menu and let me know. Peace.

Image credit: Earth Tonez