Interview with a Nutritarian: Bill

It’s always fun to watch the rippling effect of those who get their health restored. This past January my story inspired Gary to get his health back. Then Gary’s co-worker, Bill, noticed Gary’s dramatic changes and was motivated. Now, almost 100 lbs lighter, Bill is so excited to be healthy and feeling great for the first time in his life! Welcome to Disease Proof, Bill. 

nutritarian male - before and after pic

What was your life like before discovering Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritarian eating-style?

My life was out of control, but I didn’t know it. The mirror was a lie for me, because I was living in denial. I had high blood pressure, and I was on meds for various things but thought, “Hey, I’m getting older and this comes with age.”  Food was an addiction and I was addicted! I ate all day and no food was off limits. I hate to think how many calories I ate and how many of them were empty calories.


obese maleHow did you feel then?

I felt like garbage after eating a meal. At 268 lbs I couldn’t run or participate in activities that I wanted to do. I was slowing down to a crawl, and my future didn’t look hopeful. The really sad part is that I didn’t see myself as obese, and I didn’t realize that being tired all the time was due to poor nutrition and the excess weight that I was carrying around.  It was a downward spiral that desperately needed to be stopped.


How did you find out about Eat to Live?

I was beginning to lose weight through eating better foods and exercising when a co-worker introduced me to nutritarian eating. He was eating more than I was and losing more weight! I was beating myself up in the gym and closely monitoring everything I ate while he was eating big meals of raw veggies, beans, fruits, and nuts. I decided to start eating high nutrient foods also and my body responded in the first few days! I was hooked!


How do you feel now?

I feel like for the first time in my life I have energy! I now weigh 172 lbs and I’m alert and function at a higher level than ever before. I enjoy life now! I eat foods that make me feel good and give me the nutrition that my body has needed all along. My stomach is never upset and I love the way that food tastes these days.


  Before Current
Weight  268 lbs  172 lbs
BP 178 / 92 126 / 62
Cholesterol  229  171
Waist  48"  36"
Body Mass Index  36  25
 Fasting blood sugar 101  95


Do you have any success tip(s) to share with others?

Go all the way and get yourself clean from processed foods. Do the six week challenge religiously! It works so well the first week, and each week gets better and better. By the end of my six weeks I wanted to stay on the program forever. Do this for yourself and for your family; it’s so worth it!  It’s hard for me to think that anyone could read Eat to Live or Eat for Health and not want to begin the program.


In a nutshell, what has nutritarian eating done for you?

It has saved me from leaving this planet early and has made me a better person with more confidence and a renewed zest for life. I want to eat foods that feed my body and allow me to function at the highest level possible. This way of eating fits into my lifestyle and is sustainable for the rest of my life!



Congratulations Bill and keep up the great job!