How to Peel a Banana, Monkey Style!

Apparently, we’ve all been peeling bananas the wrong way. You don’t start at the stem. Instead, trying peel from the little nub at the tip, it’s so much easier:



Now, isn't it weird that a grown man is wearing monkey pajamas? I suspect he still lives at home with his parents and plays World of Warcraft all day.

Via Serious Eats.

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Bananas Really are the Perfect Food to Me

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Bloggy McBloggenstein of Stop Being So Fat! and does NOT necessarily represent the opinions of DiseaseProof or Dr. Fuhrman.

If I don't have one everyday I feel incomplete. I couldn't think of a better snack to have while on the go that doesn't leave me feeling like I've overloaded on salt or sugar, which most snacks do.

Bananas are the ultimate convenience food! As far as fruit goes (or for that matter any "snack" food) bananas require no washing, cutting, peeling, storage, or packaging. They come in their own biodegradable wrapper that can be removed by hand! What more could you ask for in a convenience food?

Just don't leave the peel lying on the ground. Comedy and/or bodily injury may occur!

And they're so cheap! At least in my neck of the woods, they are usually around $.50 a pound, which can get me 3 or 4, depending on the size. That sure beats spending a dollar at the vending machine for a candy bar that will probably make me feel poorly afterward.

The influence of the Western diet in the past few decades has lead most people's diets to become lacking in enough highly nutritious foods to thrive, especially fruit. Bananas are notably helpful in combating the typical Western way of eating in that they are good sources of several vitamins and minerals that actually help reverse the negative effects of eating too many processed, and not enough whole foods.

Those nutrients include Vitamin C, the great antioxidant; vitamin B6, important for amino acid metabolism as well as even reducing depression for some that are deficient. The minerals potassium and magnesium help to reduce blood pressure, which is great since hypertension rates are skyrocketing mostly due to high sodium intake. Oh, and we can't forget fiber!

With all of these good things to say about bananas, there's really no excuse to not have some on hand.

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Green-News: Wednesday 6.24.09


Image credit: Red Green and Blue

On Manager's Special 6.8.09

My favorite, ripe bananas $0.68.


A bunch of big red onions $1.00.


And eight fuzzy kiwis $1.00.


Today's total is only $2.68. I'm part gorilla. A stockpile of bananas is an absolute must! 

On Manager's Special 5.18.09

A few bunches of broccoli, only $1.25.


A whole bunch of European pears $1.25.


Some ripe bananas $1.25.


And today's total is $3.75. No too bad, but weird that they were all the same price, maybe its a dark omen.

On Manager's Special 4.27.09

My favorite, super ripe bananas $0.63.


Two awesome cauliflowers only $0.75.


A few bunches of Romaine lettuce $1.00.


Finally tally, just $2.38. Pretty freaking great if you ask me!

I chew through bananas like a rabib monkey, not sure what I'll do with the cauliflowers yet, but the Romaine lettuce is perfect for salads. Sweet.

On Manager's Special 3.16.09


Slightly dinged apples $1.94.



Ripe bananas only $0.84.



A bunch of onions $1.88.

Grand total for only $4.66. Not too bad.

Apples make perfect snacks, I eat bananas all the time and onions are always good to have on hand.

On Manager's Special 3.2.09


Good looking bananas $1.00!



Awesome broccoli for $1.00.



And a rare find, some kohlrabi bulbs $1.29.

All that cool stuff was for only $3.29. Rock on!

Okay, bananas are always great. So is broccoli, my favorite veggie. As for the kohlrabi, I'll pass those onto my mom, she's never tried it before.

On Manager's Special 2.23.09


Ripe bananas only $0.75!



Apples and a pear $1.00.



And my mom found these baby carrots for $1.50.

Grand total just $3.25. Very cool.

Okay, those bananas are going into smoothies, apples and pears make great snacks and I'm sure my mom will do something cool with the carrots.

On Manager's Special 2.16.09


Tasty broccoli only $0.55!



More broccoli for $0.46.



And very ripe bananas $0.50.

Final total just $1.51. How cool is that!

Now that's a thing of beauty. Broccoli is always great and I go through bananas like crazy. Awesome.