Stressed Out Kids Have Higher Heart Risks

As a kid, the hardest life gets is trying to decide whether to play video games, pick your nose or jump on the bed, but a new study in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine reveals teenagers who endure a lot of interpersonal stress, like family problems and harassment by peers, had increased blood levels of C-reactive protein, linked to chronic inflammation leading to cardiovascular disease as adults. Scientists asked 69 high school seniors to keep daily records of interpersonal strife for two weeks and discovered daily stress-inducers boosted C-reactive protein levels; Reuters investigates.

The association between childhood and adult health is becoming more and more obvious. Last week, research by the American Heart Association discovered overweight children as young as 3 can begin showing signs of heart disease, such as higher C-reactive protein levels. Another report claimed young adults told they have heart problems may have a 91% chance of developing cardiovascular disease.

In related news, young and middle-aged African Americans living in the United States were found to be 20 times more likely to suffer heart failure than white Americans.

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Young Adults Don't Take Heart Risks Seriously...

You might not realize it. But heart disease starts early, i.e. childhood. According to Dr. Fuhrman, lifetime cholesterol levels are affected by the food choices we make as kids. In fact, for many people, even if they adopt a healthy plant-based diet later on, they still might not obtain as favorable cholesterol levels as they would have had, had they started eat healthfully as a young person.

And now, new research in Circulation claims young Americans who are told they have low risk of heart disease, could have a high lifetime risk. The study examined people under the age of 50, determining that individuals who had low risk of heart trouble over the next 10 years, already had damage to their arteries that might cause problems in the future, 91% of the participants had risk of heart disease; Reuters investigates.

Actually, previous reports have show heart disease begins developing in men during adolescence and the American Heart Association recently revealed obese kids can have middle-aged arteries. Now despite the benefits of eating fruits and veggies for you heart, some researchers recommend giving kids statins instead. Eek!