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 Alanis Morissette lost weight in a healthy, natural way following my Eat to Live program.

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Alanis Morissette was plagued by eating disorders as a teenager, feeling shameful about gaining weight and going to extreme measures to lose it. On her last tour in 2008, she fell into some unhealthy habits - late-night trips to restaurants and high-calorie drinks, and the weight piled on… 

The turning point came when she read Eat to Live, which she calls her “redefining moment” – she equates food with fuel, not “fat” or “thin.” She attributes her successful, healthy weight loss, as well as her ability to choose the right foods to the Eat to Live program.

I wish Alanis continued success on her nutritarian journey, and I’m cheering her on as she trains for her first marathon!

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More on Alanis Morissette's Eat to Live Adventure...

In January, we learned how singer Alanis Morissette slimmed down and got healthy on Eat to Live. Well, earlier this month she talked more about her transformation.

'I used to get out of bed in the morning and things were aching, and I just thought, this is what happens when you get into your 30s,' she told America's OK! magazine.

'But now I jump out of bed and have so much energy; I feel very alive. Even after a workout, I feel like if I rest a little bit I could go out dancing all night, so that’s exciting.'

Of her diet overhaul, she says: 'I saw this book, Eat to Live, and I thought, that’s exactly what I want to do. I wasn’t interested in some fad diet that was unsustainable.

'So I opened it and flipped through and thought the weight loss is incidental. The primary focus is disease prevention.'

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Brian Gets Healthy and Drops 90 Pounds...

When you eat lots of fruits and veggies you’ll get healthy. You’ll lose weight. And, you’ll feel great! Tons of people have slimmed down thanks to Dr. Fuhrman. People like singer Alanis Morissette, she shed 20 pounds, and me, I cut 60 pounds. Oh, and check out Brian, he’s healthy now too:

Over the course of one year I lost 90 lbs, going from 288 pounds to 198 pounds, following Dr. Fuhrman's plan and doing interval training. I also normalized my blood pressure during this time.

At first, the transition was very difficult. It was helpful for me to understand Dr. Fuhrman's explanation about the ways refined foods act as drugs in the body. I experienced ups and downs during the 9 months, but overall, adopting a nutrient dense diet coupled with anaerobic exercise, gaining social support and…continue reading.

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