Dr. Fuhrman Appears on E! Entertainment Television

Alanis Morissette has transformed her health using Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live program.  Two weeks ago, her weight loss success was reported in People Magazine. 

Now, her journey to excellent health has been featured on "E! Original Countdowns: 15 Remarkable Celebrity Body Bouncebacks."  Dr. Fuhrman was interviewed and appears on the show - he comments that Alanis was drawn to the focus of his diet-style on disease prevention (rather than only weight-loss) and that this will be instrumental in her continued success.

The show aired Wednesday night - you can view the segment below, and read a transcript here.



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Mike Learns a Lot and Improves His Blood Work


We’ve seen a bunch of people shape up on Dr. Fuhrman’s plan. Superstar Alanis Morissette slimmed down and today looks awesome. And Mildred, she had high cholesterol, but no more! Now check out Mike. He gained a lot of insight and drastically improved his blood work.

I just went to my first follow-up doctor’s visit after having stents put in. I showed the blood work results to my cardiologist who said, “Fantastic job. But you must keep it up”. He has me scheduled for another nuclear stress test in February 2007. So I am exercising, doing 1.75 miles on the treadmill everyday, and staying with the Eat to Live diet to keep my cholesterol to where it is now.

I am so thankful for the information I have learned and continue to learn from Dr. Fuhrman's book. I will soon buy some of the other books. It truly is sad that doctors do not discuss with patients the heart health problems that come if they don't get high cholesterol under control when it is first noticed. I felt confident that the Zocor would keep things under control and it did not...continue reading.

Steve Kicks His Diabetes and Drops 42 Pounds


More and more people are changing their lives on Dr. Fuhrman’s program. Just this week we saw how singer Alanis Morissette slimmed down and got healthy. Now check out Steve. He got a diagnosis of diabetes and freaked out, but then he found Dr. Fuhrman’s book and the rest is history.

While I have never been a big red meat eater, the thought of evolving my diet from a chicken and fish diet to the ultimate goal of a primarily plant based diet seemed like a huge challenge. However, I was determined to beat diabetes at any cost.

I am proud to say that Dr. Fuhrman saved my life with his eating program. My latest test results speak for themselves... Cholesterol (total) 139, LDL 79, HDL 49, Blood pressure 110/75, Weight 172, A1C 5.3, avg BS fasting 94.

The only downside to this experience (if you call it that) was my need to buy a new wardrobe. My waist size dropped from 38 inches to 33 inches…continue reading.


Green-News: Wednesday 3.25.09

  • Or you can join the 40% of Americans who believe global warming is exaggerated, i.e. nut jobs. The results, obtained by Gallup poll which surveyed 1,012 adults over four days, also showed Americans rank global warming last out of the eight environmental issues they were asked about, others included water pollution and animal extinction; the AFP reports.

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Emily Goes from Yo-Yo Dieting to Slim and Healthy!

Losing weight feels great! It’s an awesome accomplishment. Just ask Brian, he lost 90 pounds, David dropped 30 and even singer Alanis Morissette shed 20 pounds on Dr. Fuhrman’s diet. Now check out Emily, she’s thinner and happier than ever before:

I had dieted in the past, and always felt deprived and miserable, but for the first time, I was eating lots of good quality food, and feeling great doing it! Of course, that first month I dropped 20 lbs, and my cholesterol dropped from 214 to 145, so that solidified my desire to commit to Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritional wisdom for the rest of my life!

Last March, my blood pressure was 157/94, and I was scared, because I knew that I was heading straight for hypertension medication and possibly an early stroke or heart attack. My blood pressure was in a healthy range…continue reading.


Image credit: DrFuhrman.com

Oprah Packs on the Pounds, Again!

Months after ending her stint as a vegan and saying, “I will forever be a more cautious and conscious eater.” Oprah Winfrey has admitted she’s ballooned to more than 200 pounds. She blames anxiety-eating and binging on organic, multi-grain blue chips; The New York Post reports.

Celebrities go on diet rollercoasters all the time. Singer, Alanis Morissette did. She packed on 20 pounds, but after following Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live, now she looks hotter than ever. So Oprah, email me and I’ll make sure Dr. Fuhrman gets it!

Alanis Morissette Eats to Live

Success stories come in all shapes and sizes, no pun intended, but it’s always cool when celebrities get fit. And singer Alanis Morissette recently dropped 20 pounds on Eat to Live. Take a look at this video from E News Now.

Well, there’s nothing ironic about that—horrible joke, I’m sorry. Congratulations Alanis, you look great! And for more weight-loss triumphs, check out DiseaseProof’s success stories category or head over to DrFuhrman.com.

Oh, and here's an interview with Alanis from OK Magazine. She talks about how she found Eat to Live.