Green-News: Tuesday 12.23.08

  • On New Year’s they drop the ball. But some people shoot off fireworks too. And sure, they look cool, but they hurt the environment and your health. A new study shows that fireworks aggravate respiratory conditions, like asthma, because they release harmful aerosols; NewScientist reports.
  • Ethiopia is giving away 4 million low-energy light bulbs. For free! All citizens have to do is trade in their old-style incandescent bulbs. The new lights will last longer and help lower people’s energy bills. But, the low-energy bulbs won’t last forever and are 6 times more expensive; from the BBC.
  • So, amidst all the swirling weather news, President-elect Barack Obama has appointed two climate change experts, a physicist and a marine biologist. One will serve as Obama’s science advisor and the other will oversee ocean and atmospheric studies; from The New York Times.