Tummy Fat Linked to Liver Cancer

New findings in the journal Gut reveal too much fat surrounding internal organs increases risk of liver cancer recurrence after treatment. Scientists followed 62 people who received treatment for liver cancer. Of the participants, 27 had high amounts of belly fat and 35 had lower amounts. After one year, the high group had 15.9% risk of recurrence, while the low group only had 9.7% and three years later the figures were 75.1% and 43.1%, respectively; Reuters reports.

In April, a study claimed men with excess belly fat have a 15% higher risk of heart failure and women have a 30% higher risk. Too much abdominal fat seemingly affects everything. Other research has linked tummy fat to stroke, migraine headaches and even death risk.

In related news, the CDC reports Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama continue to lead the nation in obesity, but no worries. Australia is officially fatter than the United States.

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Teenage Belly Fat Means Adult Heart Trouble

New research in the journal Diabetes shows young adults who had too much belly fat as teenagers have a higher risk of heart disease later in life. Among the 612 participants, men ages 18 to 20, those whose body mass index increased during adolescence had greater amounts of fat surrounding their abdominal organs. Belly fat, or visceral fat, has been closely linked to diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease; via Reuters.

No pun intended, but this is a BIG deal. A previous report reveals young men who are obese at age 18 are more likely to die prematurely as adults. Too make matters worse, our high rate of childhood obesity is expected to skyrocket heart disease among teenagers.

In related news, teenage Latino children switching to a diet consisting of more fiber and less sugar had significant drops in blood sugar and glucose, slashing diabetes risk.

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Health-Points: Friday 4.24.09

  • Onto a better food, presented at this year’s Experimental Biology Conference, blueberries were found to help combat abdominal fat. In the study, rats eating a lot of blueberries lost belly fat. Excess abdominal fat has been closely associated to heart disease and diabetes. The rats also experienced lower cholesterol and better glucose control, even if their diet wasn’t heart-healthy; via WebMD Health News.

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Early Weight Gain Linked to Impaired Mobility Later

A new study in the American Journal of Epidemiology claims carrying around extra bodyweight earlier in life is associated with decreased mobility later on. Researchers examined 2,845 individuals with no reported mobility issues, collecting new information on their mobility limitations every six months for the next seven years. Data revealed women who were overweight or obese during their mid-20s to 70s were three times more likely to develop mobility limitations. Men only had about half that risk; via ScienceDaily.

Not only do extra pounds slow you down, but a recent study revealed obesity can shorten lifespan by 4 to 10 years, similar to cigarette smoking. Good thing healthy foods like grapes help fight abdominal fat and protect against high blood sugar and insulin resistance.

So, if you don’t feel like shuffling around when you get older. Stay active! Start doing weight-bearing exercises, like jumping, to keep your muscles strong and your bones sturdy.

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Emergency Responders are Overweight

New research in the journal Obesity claims over 75% of emergency responders, i.e. fireman, and ambulance drivers, are overweight or obese. A far cry from the superior fitness levels traditionally associated with these types of jobs. Scientists reviewed pre-placement medical examinations of recruits from Massachusetts between October 2004 and June 2007 and found among the 370 recruits 43.8% were overweight, 33% were obese and only 22% were of normal weight, with 42 percent of obese recruits failing to complete recommended national exercise thresholds; Science Daily investigates.

Distressing news, but not hard to fathom, look at the pool we’re drawing from. The whole country is fat. What can you expect! Even are combat soldiers are ballooning up. In February a report by United States Defense Department revealed the number of U.S. troops in Iraq has doubled since the war started in 2003. Apparently MREs no include Krispy Kreme and Cheez Whiz.

In related news, obesity has been shown to reduce life expectancy equal to that of cigarette smoking, by as much as 10 years! And smoking and being overweight is a doubly whammy because a recent report linked excess abdominal fat with impaired lung function. Eek!

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