Eating to Live on the Outside: End of the Line Café

Holy Saturday Batman! And thank goodness for the weekend. I have been working my tail off. Anyway, time for Eating to Live on the Outside. This week I’m taking a “trip” to Florida, to grab a snack at End of Line Café and let’s just say. It’s iffy at best.

The main problem is all the fake vegan meats and cheeses. That stuff is basically junk food. So it’s hard to rave about End of the Line, but I’m a trooper. Here’s a preliminary list of things I might talk myself into ordering:

Chef Salad

  • Green leaf lettuce, Roma tomatoes, red onions, croutons, mozzarella, cheddar, tempeh, tofu bacon capers, peperoncini peppers and house made vegan dill ranch dressing; I’m alright with the croutons, but I’d ditch the faux cheese, capers, tempeh and get the dressing on the side.

Grilled Tofu & Hummus Pita

  • Marinated grilled tofu, hummus, pita, lettuce, tomato grilled onions and tahini sauce; not too bad, I’m not worried about the bread.

Taco Salad

  • Flour taco bowl, spicy veggie taco meat, black beans, salsa, red onions, lettuce, black olives, sour cream and cheddar; oh boy, I’d nix the fake meat, sour cream and cheddar.

Mushroom Steaks Meal

  • Pumpkin soup, mushroom steaks, caramelized mashed potatoes, Béarnaise sauce, spring salad with parmesan dressing, house made garlic bread, broccoli Au Gratin and blueberry cobbler; well, provided the soup isn’t salty its okay, dressing on the side, no sauce, I’d ditch the Au Gratin on the broccoli and I’m cool with the cobbler.

Eggplant Zucchini and Grilled Tofu Napoleon

  • Tomato-dill bisque, eggplant, zucchini and grilled tofu napoleon, shiraz-beet reduction sauce over pecan, raisin and shitake pilaf, grilled Corn with smoked paprika butter, collard greens, spring salad and green tea cake; no smoked butter concoction for me.

Tofu & Red Pepper Fajitas

  • Tortilla soup, tofu, red pepper fajitas, refried beans, avocado, Pico de Gallo, sour cream, lettuce, cheese spring salad with mango salsa dressing El Paso beans and rice; okay, I’m dropping the sour cream and cheese on the salad and I’ll deal with the refried beans.

Mousakka Meal

  • Lentil vegetable soup, Mousakka, rice pilaf stuffed acorn squash, Greek salad with tofu, Feta, pita with roasted red pepper hummus and almond cake with fresh local blackberries; I’d pass on the Feta.

Wow! Despite being a vegan joint, which usually is a good sign, End of the Line is pretty rough, too many faux meats and cheese and other vegan junk food. If I had to pick something, I’d go with the most basic thing, the Chef Salad.

It looks like End of the Line is run by young people, so I’m pulling for them, but I can’t say I’d eat there. How about you? Maybe you like it. Whether you do or not, check out End of Line Café’s menu and let me know what you’d order. Peace.

Image credit: End of Line Café