ParentDish meets The China Study

T. Colin Campbell’s China Study is a big deal here at DiseaseProof. It’s really drives home the point that a vegetable-based nutrient-dense diet is the way to go. In this video Dr. Campbell talks all about it:

Now, if you’re a parent or aspiring to be one, I suggest you give ParentDish a look. It’s a great blog. In this post Kristin Darguzas talks about her recent discovery of The China Study. Here’s a blurb:
I read the China Study. It's not written by an animal rights activist, nor by anyone who could be called insane by any stretch of the imagination. It's written by an extremely intelligent and respected nutritionist and researcher who presents his studies in a logical, methodical, terrifying way. And as I read the last page, I realized, oh no. I don't think I can eat dairy anymore. For me, this book is one of those soul-altering books that has changed the way I see the world, permanently.

Among some of the startling ideas in the book include the suggestion that the Dairy Industry's marketing board has been "educating" children with completely false information on the healthiness of cow's milk for decades, that animal meat causes cancer, that the knowledge (ie. a plant-based diet) is there to prevent heart disease but it's routinely ignored because...well, there is money to be made.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell suggests that he has the answers to America's obesity problem. I tend to believe him. My Dad says it's total hoey, there's a new fad every day... he'd also refuse to read it. My Mom just read it and says she won't be eating meat again. )
For more on The China Study, check out this interview with T. Colin Campbell over at Raw Vegan Radio. Here are a couple great quotes:
“We’ve had inklings and pretty good evidence to show, for example, that consuming vegetables and fruits and grains could help to prevent heart disease. And then it came about that also in the more recent years it was shown also to be associated with prevention of cancer as well.”

“It turns out that plant-based diets not only help to prevent these major diseases, these chronic degenerative diseases like cancer and heart disease, but also consuming that kind of diet, low in fat, low in salt, low in sugar, consuming that kind of diet also can be used to keep under control diabetes, and it can be used to control obesity to a great extent if its done right. Certainly a lot safer way to keep bodyweight down than the really rather silly Atkins nonsense that crept into our vernacular over the last few years.”
I love how the phrase “silly Atkins nonsense” just rolls off the tongue, but seriously, if you’re unfamiliar with The China Study, check it out. From The China Study website:
If you’re looking to enhance your health, performance and your success read The China Study immediately. Finally, scientifically valid guidance on how much protein we need and where we should get it. The impact of these findings is enormous.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D., Author of the bestselling book, Eat To Live
Hey! We know that Joel Fuhrman guy.
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Jayson - January 15, 2008 9:36 PM

Thanks for posting a Dr. Campbell clip. Lots of respect for that guy and what he has done to educate all of us about good nutrition and disease prevention.

Gerry Pugliese - January 15, 2008 10:16 PM

Hey Jayson-

Dr. Campbell is a good friend of Dr. Fuhrman's. Hint-hint. I'm planning on interviewing him.

-Gerry - January 16, 2008 10:16 AM

Sounds great, I only hope people eat more veggies and fruit so the quality sold can be better for me! I am high fruit raw vegan and its so hard to find good stuff.

Kathy P - January 16, 2008 11:06 AM

I wish Dr. Campbell would write a book for children (5th grade- on). I think kids really do want to be healthy but don't understand. Their parents are usually not a good role model. I see it in my kids that education is a key. Kids won't read The China Study, but maybe they would read a condensed version of it. In fact, does anyone have good info to help me present to my school? I am trying to get a program started with the PTO to help educate parents and the school about offering more nutritional options at school and get them to stop using candy as rewards in the classroom.


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