Fasting: A Powerful Means to Reverse Cardiovascular Disease

From Dr. Fuhrman’s book Fasting and Eating for Health:

In addition to aggressive dietary changes as described above, a physician-supervised therapeutic fast can be utilized to bring a patient to a new level of cardiac safety. Fasting, in conjunction with optimal nutrition before and after the fast, offers the ability to undo the damage done to the body by the rich diets of modern societies. Through therapeutic fasting a patient is able to reverse a cardiac condition quickly, without the need for invasive medical procedures. The results I have seen in patients using this approach have been spectacular.

There are some cardiac conditions in which patients are at such risk that it is imperative the blockages in the arteries be quickly diminished. People who have been told they need bypass surgery or angioplasty, as well as those with angina at low workloads, are prime candidates for therapeutic fasting. Fasting allows the body actually to remove the plaque from within blood vessels and to heal itself in the shortest amount of time.

There is always a choice. One can be put to sleep in the operating room, have one’s sternum split and chest pried and stretched open, have a heart-lung machine pump blood while the heart’s action is stopped, and risk death or decline in mental ability—all this for results that will not significantly increase life span. Or one can combine a fast with a healthy plant-based diet that can facilitate recovery and a new lease on life.

I find most patients who choose to get well via aggressive nutritional approaches are angry that their other physicians did not give them this option before they were told they must have bypass or angioplasty. Patients must be given this choice of a very low-fat vegetarian diet and fasting because it is safer, cheaper, less invasive, and more effective at extending the patient’s life. Anything less is selling the patient short.
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gene - July 3, 2007 12:53 PM

Has anything changed since 1995 (when this book was published) to now that warrant's attention on the topic of Fasting? For example, a little different approach Since there is now more data available on this topic.

Susan - November 18, 2010 1:57 PM

After reading your book about fasting, Dr. Fuhrman, I followed your instructions (can't remember exactly what they were as it's been years ago now), but I hope if you redo the book or update it that you will tell people the dangers of using distilled or reverse osmosis water while fasting. I was not only incredibly toxic, but I was ignorantly using distilled water. My experience with fasting was nothing like what you described in your book. I became instantly ill from the beginning and it never went away. I was too sick to get out of bed, even to use the bathroom I needed help. It was horrible and, looking back, quite dangerous. I fasted for 15 days...ever waiting for that moment when I was going to stabilize and feel better. I think I was too sick to really think clearly to know that I probably needed to be in the hospital. When I broke my fast I had strange tingling--like my nerves were exposed--for weeks afterward. I would never do such a fast again and it really made me doubt your other principles as well. Which, I know, may not be fair, but I was impressed by your book and believed you and I was very, well, I guess I felt vulnerable when I got so sick. Like I'd been led astray (though certainly not on purpose, I know).

I have tried to be vegan before, btw, sometimes for months... I honestly just don't like vegetables enough to eat that way. Most veggies I only like a little bit. A few, like salad I can eat a lot of, but eventually get very bored. It's a lot of work (and I don't mind spending time in the kitchen). It's beautiful food, but ultimately not satisfying for me.


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