Big Guys More at Risk for Abnormal Heart Rhythm

New findings in the European Heart Journal reveal older men who were big in their 20s are more likely to suffer from atrial fibrillation, i.e. abnormal heart rhythm. The study, started in 1970, involved more than 7,000 men, ages 45 to 55, and asked participants to state their weight at 20 years old. Results showed atrial fibrillation increases linearly with body size and weight gain, and the larger men were in their 20s the more weight they gained throughout life. Researchers claim abnormal heart rhythm among men 60 to 70 years old will become more common as our overweight population ages; via EurekAlert!

More reason to be slim, at all ages, especially since a recent showed men with fat guts have lamer sex lives. Not something any guy wants to hear! Now, not only will veggies keep you fit and trim, but vegetable-based diets naturally prevent cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer, both very manly issues.

In related news, previous research suggests type-2 diabetics with irregular heart beat have 77% higher risk of heart attack or stroke and 68% increased risk of heart failure.

Image credit: Gary Simmons

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Steve - April 20, 2009 12:11 PM

Gerry, you're a big guy that is pretty likely to buck this trend.

Good picture of you doing a half moon or crescent moon or whatever it's called at that "why you're thin" site that was mentioned here last week.

Welcome back, by the way
Cheers, Steve

Gerry Pugliese - April 20, 2009 12:34 PM

Hey Steve-

Thanks. I was going to post the picture here. But my ego is so tiny.

And it feels like I never left!


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