A New Way of Addressing Heart Disease

More than 1.5 million people will have a heart attack this year with about 1 million deaths due to heart disease. This amounts to another needless death every 30 seconds. In 1997 the direct medical costs attributed to heart disease came to 59 billion--more than any other medical condition. Drugs, medical procedures and surgery are the recommended approach to deal with heart disease in America. As a result, the demand for high-tech expensive, but largely ineffective, medical care is high, causing medical costs and insurance rates to skyrocket. The medical answer to heart disease is both financially devastating and futile. An entire industry has blossomed to attempt to deal with the dangers of heart-disease-causing food. It wouldn't be so bad if patients were told there was another option that was more effective and could reverse heart disease and protect their life with certainty. If good information was distributed to all patients, then they could choose which road was right for them.

If all the physicians in America gave patients this information, we would have a new major problem. The patients would get well, the doctors and hospitals would lose most of their business and the drug companies would lose billions. People would have to be re-trained for new careers as a multi-billion dollar industry would lose almost all of its customers. Not a likely scenario. Nevertheless, my goal is to recruit an army of heart-disease-proof individuals, who will be winners in the war against unnecessary heart disease deaths.

High cholesterol and resultant heart disease is a far too common problem--but it is both preventable and reversible. The risk of cardiovascular disease, resulting in a heart attack or embolic stroke, is directly related to your cholesterol level.

Today's cardiac protective recommendations are:
-LDL cholesterol below 100 mg/dl
-Total cholesterol below 150 mg/dl

Unfortunately, less than 10% of adults in the United States meet this requirement and heart disease and stroke kill more people than all other causes of death combined.

Dramatic cholesterol lowering results, without drugs

In my medical practice, I have helped thousands of patients successfully lower their cholesterol levels without drugs. I recommend that my patients lower their cholesterol through natural methods whenever possible, using prescription drugs only when absolutely necessary because of their potentially serious side effects. Almost all of my patients prefer this judicious approach and it is very rare that they are not able to achieve these protective levels naturally.

Hundreds of my patients have dropped their cholesterol into the favorable range and protected themselves against heart disease, without drugs, using my methods.

Just for an example, in one day, last month I had five patients who dropped their LDL cholesterol below 100 mg/dl. Don't forget, this was just one day in my practice!

Not only did all these individuals have dangerously high cholesterols, but each patient also reported numerous health problems. Peggy suffered from chronic anemia, Eugene was tired all the time, Keith had chronic heart burn and allergies, and Maria had become severely ill from a statin drug prescribed to her by her prior physician. These four patients needed help and they realized that prescription drugs were risky and not the answer. They all returned to my office between 6 and 8 weeks after their first visit and this is what we found.

Peggy: Before
Total Cholesterol 249
Triglycerides 169
LDL 157
HDL 58

Peggy: After
Total Cholesterol 150
Triglycerides 105
LDL 80
HDL 49

Eugene: Before
Total Cholesterol 247
Triglycerides 72
LDL 191
HDL 51

Eugene: After
Total Cholesterol 156
Triglycerides 42
LDL 104
HDL 44

Keith: Before
Total Cholesterol 237
Triglycerides 165
LDL 152
HDL 52

Keith: After
Total Cholesterol 158
Triglycerides 79
LDL 99
HDL 43.5

Maria: Before
Total Cholesterol 283
Triglycerides 90
LDL 183
HDL 91

Maria: After
Total Cholesterol
Triglycerides 79
LDL 98
HDL 52

Not only did they wipe out their cardiovascular high-risk status but also many of their other problems have begun to clear. Peggy's anemia went away. Eugene was no longer fatigued. Keith's never had heartburn once, he stopped his antacids and acid blocking medication, his allergies already started to improve. They were all enthusiastic about life again.

When you adopt a program of nutritional excellence to reverse or prevent heart disease, you also are stuck with a critical side effect--you will prevent and reverse almost all other diseases simultaneously. For example, you will likely find your digestion to improve, to get rid of your heartburn, hemorrhoids, and constipation, to lose your headaches, to gain more energy, to age slower, and of course lower your risk of other serious diseases especially dementia strokes, diabetes, and cancer...

Sure, in some cases, my patients find there are some dietary hurdles to overcome after switching from a dairy-meat-grain diet to one that is vegetable-fruit based and rich in nutrients and phytochemicals, but they were all temporary. All the patients enjoyed eating this way. They were learning to enjoy the new tastes and smells, the new found energy, the motivation to do more and to lead a more fulfilled life. These results do not only occur in my practice. People read my books or learn from the member center on my website and hardly a day goes by when I do not receive an e-mail or a letter from someone who tells me their success story. This letter from Joe in Connecticut is typical:

Dear Dr. Fuhrman,
My name is Joe Lavaler and I am one happy 68 year old. I have generally enjoyed relatively good health over the years. However, I have struggled with high blood pressur and high cholesterol for many years. My cardiologist visit last October resulted in him increasing my Lipitor from 10mg./day to 20mg./day. Also, he placed me on Accupril. I told him that I had recently bought your tape and book Eat to Live and that I was going to make a major diet change and follow your recommendations instead. I have been following your program since Nov. 2002 with spectacular results and I have been able to stop all medications. I saw my cardiologist yesterday with the following blood work results:
Total Cholesterol 148
HDL 62
Ratio 2.4
Triglycerides 85
LDL 69

While my weight has been constant since high school at 235 lbs. I am 6 '6'' tall, I currently weigh 211 lbs. and feel the best I have in a long time. My wife and I cook most days in a crock pot. Yes, we make a lot of soups with collard greens, mustard greens, spinach, beans, etc. I tell every one that will listen that there is no "free lunch" and that you have to stay focused and committed.

My cardiologist said I made a remarkable turnaround and should be proud of myself, which I am. I brought a copy of your book with me. He said that he had heard of your program and copied your web address and was planning on reading your book.

I want to thank you for my greatly improved health. I would be willing to talk to any of your patients to help give them the support and encouragement they need to stay with the program. It works where all other diets fail.

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Theresa Anderson - December 20, 2005 2:44 PM

Dear Dr. Fuhrman...very impressive results. It's tragic when a cardiologist does not give a patient the option between having invasive surgery and instead do intervention "surgery" on their plate and rehabilitation to their palate! The health that would spring up would nearly defy description and comprehension on par with the horrendous cost to society in loss of capital and human capital that heart disease exacts upon our society. Current policies in addressing heart disease fall far short of producing the results of this wonderful New Way that is giving folks a New Lease on life.
Theresa Anderson

Lawren Smith - February 23, 2011 1:44 AM

I had promised myself that I would never take drugs for heart or cholesterol or even diabetes. What this means is that I must eat right and exercise; which I do, six times a week. I don't mind it as long as it helps me to stay healthy.

My mother, on the other hand, takes tons of medication. She has just about everything under the sun. She is 71 going on 72. Although the meds help her with her heart, and cholesterol and diabetes, she and I both notice that the medications do have side affects. I tell her she can eliminate all of it if she would just change her lifestyle and be a bit more healthier. Needless to say, she is still taking her meds and every Christmas we have to take her to emergency. She has a tendency to forget that she is diabetic, has high blood pressure and high choleterol.

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