My Thoughts on Dean Ornish's Cancer-Prevention Claims

Dean Ornish, M.D. has always been and still is a pioneer of lifestyle medicine in America. His most recent papers add to the growing body of evidence that shows dietary excellence and other healthful habits like exercise, yoga and meditation have a profound beneficial effect on the body.

It is not just heart disease and prostate cancer, but high blood pressure, diabetes, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and lung cancer. It is headaches, allergies, autoimmune diseases and pain syndromes too. We are not going to win the war with more money spent on drug research looking for a magic pill, the money is in prevention and we must educate the public to take action now. We have an unconscionable expensive and relatively ineffective health care system in America that relies on drugs that reinforce to the population that disease is predominantly genetic and not within their control. This just fuels food addiction, poor diet choices and poor lifestyle as people no longer take personal responsibility for their own health. As politicians argue the best way to pay for the mess we have created through our dependency on physicians, medicines and surgeries, we ignore the best answer—lifestyle and nutritional medicine. It works more effectively than drugs for most diseases, and it is practically free.

Not to toot my own horn, but I have been hollering this from the rooftops for twenty years. I and others are also involved with some exciting studies in progress, but many excellent studies have been done already and many more will follow, but you don’t have to wait until mainstream doctors give up their prescription pads, you can take control of your health destiny now and protect yourself so you can have a healthful and more pleasurable long-life. The best health care is proper self care and nutritional excellence.

I may not agree with everything Dr. Ornish advises, but these are small issues. The main thing here is Dean Ornish is making it easier for all of us to convince the skeptics. More people than ever before are joining the bandwagon to take control of their health destiny via a healthier lifestyle and better food choices and saying no to doctors and prescription drugs.
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Jim F. - December 26, 2008 4:03 PM

Having experienced a 28 year history of heart disease including two heart attacks, three open heart surgeries and several other procedures, I have followed many of the suggestions from "Reversing Heart Disease" by Dr. Ornish. Years back, I showed this book to my cardiologist who kind of chuckled and said, "That book won't help you". Several months later his office called asking if I wouldn't talk to a couple of his patients about that same book. Dr. Ornish's suggestions and studies prove otherwise. Diet, exercise, stress control, meditation, yoga, etc. do work to helpcontrol the progression of heart disease along with a mind set that I would do my best to keep this illness at bay. Even after all of my procedures, I can still go out and cross country ski more than 20 miles at an easy pace in a day. All it takes it a committment to the effort.

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