Magic Mushrooms Boost Immunity

Some mushrooms will kill you! But others will make you big and strong. A new study in the journal BMC Immunology reveals eating mushrooms bolstered the immune system of mice. To investigate, experts fed mice white button, crimini, maitake, oyster and shiitake mushrooms. Libratory mice eating a diet consisting of 2% white buttons mushrooms were more protected against colon inflammation and related symptoms, such as weight-loss and colon injury, known risk factors for the development of colon tumors. Researchers expect similar beneficial effects in humans; Reuters reports.

Dr. Fuhrman considers mushrooms an excellent substitute for meat and some scientists believe mushrooms’ low energy content, i.e. low calories, can combat obesity, satisfying people but not overstuffing them with extra calories. Mushrooms fight prostate cancer too.

But many people dislike mushrooms. In the United Kingdom, mushrooms are one the healthy foods Britons force themselves to choke down and the United States hates mushrooms.

Image credit: Richard Forward

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Kara - March 9, 2009 10:06 AM

I love mushrooms! Too bad my fiance hates them. Otherwise I'd eat them more often.

Julian - March 9, 2009 5:38 PM

That particular mushroom in the picture, Amanita Muscaria, is both toxic and psychedelic, and is very common in the US in woodlands.

Thomas - October 17, 2010 1:37 PM

Julian no, the Amanita Muscaria is toxic and has no mind altering chemicals people used to eat these for spiritual use you can however eat the cap but i wouldn't recommend it because the Amanita Muscaria contains chemicles that will kill you unless you know how much you can handle eating to much will earn you a bed into the hospital or a death bed to the grave.

BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU PICK IN THE PNW 20% are deadly 30% are edible or contain no psycho active substances and the other 50% are psycho active our most common shrooms here are P. Cyans, P. Liberty caps and of course our P. blue ringers

if you plan on shroom hunting these are the three i would stick with, they are the most potent and it is very easy to identify them do to their features.

also one more thing just because a mushroom bruises blue does not mean it is psycho active a lot of poisonous mushrooms also bruise blue just always remember there is never one test to determine if mushrooms are psychedelic you know unless someone has a lab n shit like the do here at the UW then you can test them to see what chemical compounds your findings contain.

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