Ineffective Anti-Cancer Remedies: Laetrile Amigdalina B17

From the January 2006 edition of Dr. Fuhrman's Healthy Times:

Laetrile is a drug made from a component in bitter almond (or apricot pits) called amygdalin. It can be broken down into glucose, benzaldehyde, and hydrogen cyanide. Laetrile has been marketed as an alternative cancer drug for about 50 years. However, studies in animals and humans have not shown benefits in treating any type of cancer. When it was losing favor as an alternative treatment after multiple studies showed it did not work, the laetrile promoters came up with the idea of calling it a vitamin (B17). Laetrile is still actively promoted on the internet, and stories are circulated about how its value has been suppressed by the medical- drug establishment.

Scientists have tested substances called "Laetrile" in more than 20 animal tumor models as well as in numerous humans and found no benefit either alone or together with other substances. After each negative trial demonstrated its ineffectiveness and its dangers, proponents varied their claims about Laetrile's mechanism of action and therapeutic effects. At first they claimed it could cure cancer. Later, they claimed it could "control" cancer. When the "vitamin" theory was developed, it was touted as a cancer preventive. It also has been claimed to be effective in relieving pain associated with cancer and in facilitating treatment with chemotherapy. Many people, unaware that toxic substances can have stimulating effects, still take Laetrile to prevent cancer. They think because it gives them a temporary "lift" it must be healthy. They are slowly poisoning themselves.
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Heidi - January 8, 2007 4:29 PM

So, this brings up a question that is often on my mind: "Who can we trust when it comes to scientific studies?" It seems as though interest groups, or similar bodies, infiltrate so many studies, how does one know what to believe? How do we know if certain researchers are biased in their interpretations, and, further, if methods of evaluation are truly sound? I know, it is said, that reproducible results are a good measure, but how would we know if that has been done in an honest manner? It's nice to think solid critical thinking skills would be a reasonable safeguard, but it seems as though they may not be enough.
I look forward to your comments.
Thank you.

Guy Grenville - January 9, 2007 5:47 AM

Who can we trust? Certainly not the companies that make such a huge profit from the sale of cancer drugs. Will we ever find a cure? Highly unlikely as there is no money to be made from finding a cure, only from the repeated sales of drugs. I lost both my parents to this horrible disease, and have put my heart and soul into finding out everything I can. I personally know of people who have 'Cured' themselves using the methods that you claim are innefective, especially essica and B17, and I have known people who have died because they believed what their doctors have said.

How can a scientific study, that's funded by a pharmaceutical company, be regarded as fair?? How many times have we heard stories of people who suffer terrible side effects from the 'safe and tested' drugs that their doctors prescribe? And do they REALLY know exactly what they are prescribing, or are they just doing what the pharma company tells them.

Conventional medicine has let me down too often for me to trust it anymore, and I firmly believe that money is more important to them than health.

Damien Johnson - January 23, 2007 1:34 AM

Do the negative trials you refer to include the work of Professor John Beard from the the Edinburgh Uni, and subsequent work by Ernst T Krebs Bsc (Biochemistry)and his studies on cancer free societies that regularly ingest hydrocyanic acid (which incidentally only form hydrogen cyanide in the presence of an enzyme produced by out of control trophoblast cells). Or what about the toxicology studies performed by researchers from New Zealand Coop and Blakely that failed to kill a single sheep despite injecting them with huge doses of B17.
Or the plethora of others that have been equally denigrated by the cancer machine. I ask you doctor, where you would go if you or your family, perish the thought, you were diagnosed?
Regards Damien Johnson

des daniels - April 5, 2007 6:14 AM


I work at Sky News and I'm keen to hear from anyone who has taken B17. If it has helped you or not I'd like to speak to you.


Matthew Pitagora - October 11, 2007 2:24 PM

My wife was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago, and she has been taking 500 mg/day of Laetrile since her diagnosis.
Although we agreed to let the "medical practitioners" mutilate her breast, we opted not to do chemo or radiation, and as a result of this "diagnosis" we now adhere to a homeopathic regimen which does not include conventional, pharmaceutical/surgical influenced "medicine."
I recently read G. Edward Griffin's phenomenal expose of the cancer industry, "World Without Cancer," and as a result of reading the book, I realized that Laetrile/amigdalina/B-17 is a cancer-preventative vitamin which most people, especially in the U.S. are lacking, and should be taken regularly as part of a health maintenance program (including proper diet and exercise) akin to taking Vitamin C.
I now take Laetrile daily as part of my own supplement regimen.
As for the pseudo-scientific studies financed by big Pharma, and conducted "independently:"
Suffice it to say, the researchers continued testing Laetrile until they got the right results for the cancer industry.
Read "World Without Cancer."

andy o - May 29, 2008 2:32 AM

it sounds to me like dr.furman doesnt like the fact that his jurrasic form of medicine is what his bosses i.e. non
doctors...businessmen have told him what he can or cannot practice, or maybe its the fact that his 15+ yrs of medical school are keeping him from believing that B-17 actually works, cause hes been spoon fed that he is a demi god who has all god! hes a doctor! no B-17 can cure people, it took me 15 yrs to learn different!

Russ - June 24, 2008 12:49 PM

Dr. Furman, I love what you do and what you typically preach about eating the right foods but i think you need to study the benifits of Laetrile a bit more. I am sick and tired of having my family and friends die of cancer at the hands of American Medical Doctors. Yes, i agree that the cancer they got was self inflicted (bad diet and lifestyle choices) but there are strong cancer cure options out there that the Standard American Medical system simply will not even look into unles some study is conducted by a Big Pharma company. My Father-In-Law was diagnoses with a very aggresive form of Prostate Cancer back in November of 2002 and given 2 years to live, even after prostate removal surgury. Not ready to die, he went to Mexico and received Laetrile treatments from a clinic that has been in practice for over 30 years. Today he is alive and well and cancer free. PSA has been ZERO for over 2 years now. Try convincing me it doesn't work and you will fail. I am not going to say that i belive it will work for everybody but this option of treatment needs to be given to the patient so the patient can make up there own mind.

Beverly - July 19, 2008 8:58 AM

Hi in the year 2000 the Imperial College Of London said B 17 laeterile is SAFE and it kills caner if you go to my site and type in B17 you will find that info

Julie Clarke - July 28, 2008 9:42 AM

Hi Beverly - what is you site address???? My father has been diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas, and we will do anything to give him more time.

Michelle - July 29, 2008 7:50 AM

My mother who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal colon cancer, no chemo offered) has been taking B17 for 7 weeks now and her tumour levels are going DOWN. I hope you are wrong and all the people who are still alive are right sir.

Gwen - December 18, 2008 9:40 PM

I am going to start taking it myself. We have cancer in the family and I've seen Chemo take every life I know, where the cancer had spread.

Just look at the hunzakuts. They eat the kernels everyday and have NO trace of cancer. Isn't that study the best of all?

Holly - January 18, 2009 1:11 AM

My close friend's grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer and lived 10 years thanks to regular doses of laetrile. What eventually killed her was radiation treatments that fried her brain. She lived for years cancer-free after taking the laetrile treatments. She withered away slowly from dementia, which had everything to do with radiation and nothing to do with laetrile.

Doctor X - March 10, 2009 1:02 PM


jerred - April 5, 2009 3:04 AM

My grandmother was diagnosed with duces C bowel cancer and was given less than a 30% chance of survival initially. Her odds of survival then fell too under 5% and she was in Palliative care, it was at this stage we found out about the vitamin B17 and the liquid injections. we immediately started her on the injections and she began to make a recovery this all happened 10 years ago. SHE IS STILL ALIVE TODAY. she takes the kernels on a daily basis every since.

Debra Andrus - February 3, 2010 1:07 PM

I have read all of the postings on this web site. In 2007 my dad at the age of 72 was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. After all the usual drug therapies and thousands of dollars they tried a drug called Valcade. It's in a sense a glorified poison,after one treatment his cancer went crazy. So i ordered the amigdalina to try, it couldn't hurt as they had already poisoned him with the valcade. But he passed away the day before i got it. So now i have been taking one pill every other day since september 28th. If it is just a vitamin whats the big deal? I have had melanoma a few times and had a full hysterectomy for cervical cancer. I feel great. I take no other kind of med's or hormone replacement therapy because i beleive it is worse for you than the amigdalina. I have had skin growths that have disappeared after i started taking it. I'm happy with it and plan to keep taking it as long as i can get it.

ian sinclair - April 11, 2010 10:27 AM

The priests of science would have I beleive that their experiemnets discount the works of nature. Medicine has become a business,science has become a profit driven business. We are warned of the danger of natural remedies, but in the meantime medical drugs are responsible for the death of untold thousands and this is accepted by society.Drug companies are in control , disease and death are good business. Take a step back - the Emperor has no clothes , it is time to say - enough !
Doctor X - I wonder if you are employed by a pharmeatheutical company ?

Marcia - April 24, 2010 7:57 PM

Glad to see so many positive stories/remarks concerning laetrile!! My older brother is a 30+ year Hodgkin's disease cancer survivor. He went to Mexico for laetrile after initial diagnosis, following which he was completely cancer free for four years, but failed to take the maintenace doses of laetrile during that time, so had a recurrence four years later. He followed the prescribed recommendations at that time, had laparotomy/splenectomy and was staged as stage IV Hodgkins' disease (metastatic to liver). He almost died from chemo and radiation and stopped both after just a few treatments. He went back to Mexico for laetrile, again became cancer free and this time took IV laetrile maintenance for over two years and has been completely cancer free ever since -- now thirty-two years! I wonder if Mr. Fuhrman ever knew anyone personally that used laetrile or if he is simply relying on the available medical "research" when making his statements of laetrile's inefficacy and that people that use laetrile are 'slowing poisoning themselves'. As I sit here and write this, I am eating a few apricot kernels, which I have done for an extended period of time on a daily basis with absolutely NO ill effects whatsoever. If it wasn't so serious, I would laugh when I (a medical transcriptionist) type reports where the medical oncologist dictates, "Patient is tolerating chemotherapy with ACCEPTABLE TOXICITY"!!! Think about that statement! ACCEPTABLE TOXICITY???? At what time should toxicity EVER be ACCEPTABLE??? The fact that the word "toxicity" is used tells you that chemotherapy is toxic to the human body!!! Does Mr. Fuhrman or any other medical "professional" (I use the term loosely) actually think that the chemotherapy is NOT "SLOWLY POISONING" people, sometimes not so slowly?!?!?! IT IS POISON!!! I believe with all my heart that more times than not, cancer patients actually die from the damage done by chemotherapy and radiation rather than the cancer itself. Laetrile/B17/amigdalin truly does contain a small amount of cyanide, but as the proponents of it point out, it only attacks cancer cells, NOT healthy cells, unlike chemo and radiation, which attack both cancer AND healthy cells, damaging the body, many times irreparably, destroying the blood count, compromising the immune system, sometimes causing irreversible peripheral neuropathy, NONE of which is a side effect of laetrile/B17/amigdalin. Unfortunately many who have been reported as trying laetrile but died (such as actor Steve McQueen) had waited too long and were beyond help before they decided to seek laetrile treatment, therefore the stories of its ineffectiveness that were widely publicized and gave such a negative picture, which of course is what the American medical practitioners want.

Carl O Helvie - May 30, 2010 8:36 AM

I was diagnosed with lung cancer and given 6 months to live---that was 36 years ago and I refused chemo, surgery and radiation and used laetrile, a special diet, supplements, meditation, prayer, affirmations, visualization, faith and other alternative interventions. I not only overcome lung cancer but now at age 78 I am free of known chronic illnesses and prescribed medications. I am very active mentally, spiritually and physically and my goal in life is to help other achieve results similar to mine. periodically I eat a few apricot kernels for a few weeks as a preventive measure.
My brothers step daughter also used laetrile 31 years ago for melanoma and has been fine since. She has also been given a limited amount of time to live at that time.

jmike - June 14, 2010 12:48 AM

just take a look at red yeast rice history if you think the drug companies are right, asians have been consuming it for years, it has a natural statin, the drug companies discovered what the asians already knew, the fda outlawed red yeast rice as it was patented as a drug by the big pharma. a foodstuff outlawed, that's your government at work. educate yourself, if it don't kill you it will make you stronger. maybe you shouldn't start with a large dose. start small and look for reactions. if none, continue, if reactions, stop. common sense.

kakau - September 13, 2010 3:57 PM

Hi my friend was diagnosed with brain cancer oligodendroglioma and had surgery, but the doctors couldn't remove everything just part of it. Since then he isnt under any regular treatment (chemo or radiation), but is under alternative such as raw juices, natural extracts and just started on DCA. I have seen many testemonials about B17 and I really want to know more about it specially for brain tumor (seeds and injections). Informations such as dosage, where can we buy and if is that possible to have the injections at home. Thank you God bless you all

Dee - November 6, 2010 12:37 PM

Kakau - read "Alive and Well" by Philip E. Binzel, Jr., M.D.
An excellent book - gives some doses and protocal. Lung cancer here, removed right lower lobe and some nodes. Chemotherapy killed my brother. I am going to use this treatment method, including the diet and supplements, one way or another even if I have to do it all myself. It is very hard to find a doctor that will administer laetrile. It isn't really illegal, just banned by the FDA. So doctors won't go near it least the FDA hound them into oblivion.

Jackie - November 13, 2010 10:24 AM

Is it safe to consume apple seeds while pregnant? I have ulcerative colitis and the apple seeds bring me into remission. I am about 1 week pregnant and my colitis has flared. I want to resume eating the it safe?

Martin Synger - December 5, 2010 10:28 PM

I agree with many of the pro laetril comments above and due
to a high PSA reading I am taking apricot seeds and B17 tabs
If you haven't heard of Proton therapy because your doctor knows so little about it and thinks its only experimental,
you might save your life by getting in touch with the University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute, 2015 N.Jefferson St. Jacksonville Fl 32206 or (877)686-6009 or Unlike the Xray radiation treatment that kills healthy cells as well as cancer cells they have a greater cure rate and fewer side effects than any other known option. They will send you the most helpfull info
about the multi million dollar machine complexes that are
also available at the Loma Linda University Medical Center
in So. Cal, The University of Texas Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas, The Massachusetts General Hospital in
Boston,The Indianna University in Bloomington and the ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Oklahoma City. I would not call treating over 60,000 patients "EXPERIMENTAL". So if
laetril(b17) is quackery and experimental they are in good
company with HA! EXPERIMENTAL Proton therapy, which is covered by most of the Health insurance companies. They will also send you "YOU CAN BEAT PROSTRATE CANCER and you
dont need surgery to do it" by Proton Cancer Survivor
Robert J. Marckini at no cost. He examines all of the options for treating cancer and you will increase your
knowledge on the subject 1,000 fold after reading this book. My only concern is that he choose to stay away from
the Laetril controversy. That probably would have cast too much doubt on the Proton therapy.

Tommy - January 6, 2011 7:43 PM

Does anyone know where i can obtain amigdalin ??or which site i should use to buy it??
please respond

Judy - March 8, 2011 2:48 PM

Hi there. i have received my laetrile but does not state how many tablets per day to take?? anyone know? also what is the diet that needs to be undertaken with the laetrile.
thanks Judy

krakrjaks - March 15, 2011 2:09 PM

Hi Judy, I just got back from some treatment in Mexico. I do not think that just one thing works. The doctor does all non-toxic treatments which is what I was looking for. Probably had me on 10 different things. It wasn't a shotgun treatment. there were things that I had heard that helped and he said no and had a good reason for each of them. but one of the things he had and is still having me do is B17. He has me on 1500mg per day or 500mg three times per day. Now I am sure every person is different. some were taking different amounts than me and some were not even getting B17. If I were you I would get under the care of a non-toxic cancer treating doctor. Be careful there are a lot of people that are just looking to make money off of us that have cancer. God be with you as you travel down this road.

kerina - March 20, 2011 7:55 PM

It makes me so happy to ready all the positive comments about
B17 and everyones recovery. Im delighted people have started to
to make up their own minds about their treatment and not
blindlessly go into chemo. I wish everyone a healthy pharma free life :-)

Dan - March 31, 2011 7:02 PM

Hi Judy.. the "Gerson" diet , along with many different treatments ALONG w/ Laetril ,( B 17) and GET professional help - there are numerous sites one good one
(most clinic's have MD's w Ca/USA licensed MD's on staff-)

is a great partner has just been diagnosed with Bladder cancer and WE are definitly "OPTING" for the alternative NON_toxic treatments.. among them Flor-essence"- red clover tea, among the many options.. SO there is help.we will give an update - YOUR RIGHT the BIG Pharm's $$ don't want people to KNOW this info!-

ralph sheppard - May 27, 2011 12:09 PM

I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2004, the doc suggested removal of prostate. I chose to wait and watch. Psa didnt rise at all until 2009 at which the scare tactic was presented by another urologist suggesting I definitely needed the prostate removed. I began looking into all the options out there ,Proton theary, radical surgery, seeds, you name it. chose to see three other urologist the during the next year and a half. I was told in 2009 that i only had a year to live if I didnt have him administer the radiation. this was the second warning of death within a year or so that I had been given.
I continued to wait and watch even after the second urologist's biopsy indicated that ( in his words) the cancer has spread all through my prostate and was the agressive type. The is biopsy in 2004 , 12 specimens, this second biopsy I still have not decided anything radical.
I chose to begin hormone thearpy 4 mo ago with 1 tablet daily and shots every few months. I have had the second shot a few weeks ago. I had such a change in my actions, No breast growth though, but my emotions went wild, finding fault with everyone around me, getting hot flashes ( very Bad )i WAS ALMOST A WOMAN !! However the PSA of 84.4 went to 14.1 in a week,. continued down to 9.3 4wks later and finally 5.0 my last visit which was another 4 weeks. As of a week ago I desided to reclaim my manhood, I stopped the tablets, completely, no slowing down just quit the junk. called the Urologist and informed him of my desion. I am 76 years old and I going out as a man if I to go out at all.
Three mos ago I began apricot kernels , slowly at first, 3 kernels an hour 10 times a day. i AM NOW TAKING 6 KERNELS AN HOUR 10 TIMES A DAY WHILE ALL ALONG SUPPLEMENTING THE KERNELS WITH 300 MG B17 tabs (novodalin, Amigdalin I will be starting my 5th month on this regiment but cannot say what is happening with the prostate cancer I have a PSA test awaiting results as of yesterday,.
Short of going for another biopsy I do not know how to check to see if there has been any Change (progress) with my prostate cancer. I have had no side effects at all as yet from the B17.
If anyone has an idea how to track progress in my situation, Please contact me.


Ildiko - February 3, 2012 4:36 PM

The ultimate alternative cancer cure website for anyone with cancer is

Irma - March 16, 2012 2:34 PM

After I did pass all medical treatment when was diagnosted with breast cancer-chemo and radiation plus have continue for 5 years hormono therapy, recodnizing that all hard way which i pass was not true and just bussiness industry and just killed me eventualy-- very stressed....
does alternative way like B17 and non toxic treatment in mexico helped me and other who treated with toxic traditional med. And from what source to buy sertified B17 and where that clicic in Mexico where just real help not taking money.
Please help if you know that info

Carl O Helvie - April 16, 2012 9:03 AM

If you email me I can answer the questions you have asked.

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