Fight Cancer, Find Strength in Exercise

Exercise is STRONG medicine. We all know it keeps us fit, but many reports claim it can also help PREVENT cancer, like prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Some California cancer patients are putting EXERCISE to the test, while undergoing treatment, they’re pumping iron and hitting the mat; via The Los Angeles Times.

Diet is important too! Certain foods, like soy beans, garlic and apples, have POTENT anti-cancer effects. Now, imagine if you pair a HEALTHY eating with exercise!

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tony - April 20, 2011 8:15 AM

I was very saddened to hear of Christina Applegates bout with cancer. She is an extreamly beautiful woman. I am a type 2 diabetic and the isulin just causes one to gain weight, but i have discovered that there are some amino acid suppl. that are almost miraculus. One being R Lipoic acid. L Aginine and N Acetyl L Cysteine. Also a B vitamin super complex gel cap. Make sure these are taken in the right proportion. Get expert advice. The R Lipoic is an anti oxident super charger and a cancer fighter and may prevent it if used with mostly veggy diet. Much less meat. The L Arginine comes from meat and will even boost I.Q. Along with L Carnatine and 5 HTP mood stablizer. the N Acetylt L Cysteine detoxes the liver the chem traffic cop for meds and enzyems. If the Liver is saturated it works inefficiently, and insulin resistance is high meaning a diabetic must take more and more to reduce blood glucose. All the while the massive insulin doses cause weight gain. I belive a Med. diet with romas and red yellow and orange bell peppers stir fried e v olive oil. with broc and tex sweet onions is an xtreamly healthy diet with fish and a litte chickhen. The Aminos take abt 3 wks or so b4 you see and sense benefit. The r lipoic acid supl i think speeds up weight loss. It is an xtrmly powerful anti oxident and i think could help kick cancers butt but these must be labled all natural supls u can buy em on line. C. U. Tony Scates Peace health.

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