Salt Worse for People with Metabolic Syndrome

According to a new study in The Lancet salt may be more harmful for patients with metabolic syndrome, a major predicator of heart disease and type-2 diabetes, increasing risk of high blood pressure. Researchers examined over 1,900 Chinese people, ages 16 and up, they were fed either a high or low-sodium diet for 7 days and their blood pressure was checked regularly. Results showed participants with metabolic syndrome were more likely to be sensitive salt and had higher blood pressure; HealthDay News reports.

Salt gets a bad rap. But it’s warranted. A recent report found reducing salt helps lower systolic blood pressure by helping blood vessels relax. And in September, experts at American Heart Association claimed cutting salt helps control high blood pressure. Salt also contributes to heart disease and stroke.

As for metabolic syndrome, previous studies show red meat increases the risk of metabolic syndrome but eating some mixed nuts everyday lowers risk by 13.7%. Nutty!

Image credit: Szymon Kochanski

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Foodaroo - February 25, 2009 10:38 AM

People on steroids or some inflammatory drugs, such as Prednisone, should NOT reduce their salt intake WITHOUT their doctors' help. The reason is that these drugs impair the adrenal gland that secrets aldosterone. And without the proper functioning of aldosterone, one will die within half a month.

Sure, their bp will be dropping, but it's going to drop rapidly to the point that will endanger their lives. Below a systolic bp of 90 mmHg is when they become dizzy. At 80 mmHg is when they go into shock.

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