Interview with a Nutritarian: Sue

As a Grandma to three energetic grandsons, Sue is thankful to have lost the 117 pounds that she was carrying around on her small, 5’ 2-1/2” frame. She’s your typical American woman who was caught in the downward spiral of yo-yo dieting, malnutrition and poor health as a result of the dieting industry; that is, until she was introduced to eating for health. Welcome to Disease Proof, Sue.   


before and after weight lossWhat was your life like before discovering Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritarian eating-style?

When I was 28-years-old I weighed 245 pounds and wore a size 22.  Climbing the stairs caused me to be out of breath, and leisurely walks and bike rides were tiring. In our house we ate a steady diet of McDonalds, pizza, roast beef with mashed potatoes, and we didn’t eat fruits and vegetables except for some occasional sweet corn. Needless to say, my body was starving for nutrition and I didn't even know it.

When my son started school, I decided that I would lose some weight, so I started the cycle of yo-yo dieting.  I tried many different diets: Weight Watchers, Protein Power, Atkins, The Carbohydrate Addicts’ Diet, and Pure Weight Loss...these diets worked temporarily, but I always gained the weight back. Nothing made me healthy, and I was always on a continual search for a quick fix to lose unwanted pounds.

However, at the end of my 89-year-old mother’s life, I spent time assisting her in a nursing home. Watching her in physical therapy trying to do simple tasks like lifting her hands above her head made me realize that I needed to take care of myself NOW! That was my “wake-up call.” 


How did you feel then?

I didn’t feel well.  I was pre-diabetic, lethargic, and my legs, feet and back hurt.  I intentionally stayed away from my doctor, because I was afraid of what he might find. 


How did you find out about ETL?

I joined a 12-week weight loss program, led and taught by Dr. Kachmann, a neurosurgeon in Fort Wayne who introduced me to a healthy lifestyle. At one of the sessions, Emily Boller shared her story of how she became healthy as a result of following Dr. Fuhrman’s books, Eat to Live and Eat for Health. I bought Eat to Live and couldn’t put it down. 


How do you feel now?

I’m totally energized and no longer pre-diabetic.  I walk for exercise; plus, I take yoga classes 5 days / week.  I have three grandsons and I can keep up with them; even from opening to closing at Disney World for five days in a row!






245 lbs

128 lbs

Waist Circumference









Fasting blood sugar

120 (at age 16)



      before and after weight loss portraits

Do you have any success tip(s) to share with others?

  • Put your health first.

  • Read "Eat to Live." Mark it up and know what it says. 

  • Eat high nutrient foods, and don’t worry about weight loss as you’ll naturally become thin, healthy and happy as a result.

  • Take your time and get used to eating correctly.  Your body will love you for it!


In a nutshell, what has nutritarian eating done for you? 

At age 61, I’m now healthy and eat lots of fruits, vegetables and beans, and very little meat; plus, I’m no longer bound by counting calories and points, and the downward cycle of yo-yo dieting.  Eat to Live has changed my life!  

Congratulations to a healthy and energetic Grandma . . . for years to come!

Interview with a Nutritarian: Theresa

I first met Theresa on the member center of on the day that she announced reaching her 100 lb weight-loss milestone. I was ecstatic when I read it, but what I didn’t know at the time was just how desperate she was to get her health back. Prior to discovering nutritarian eating, three of Theresa’s family members had died within a ten month period of time, and she was ready to do anything to eradicate chronic disease and premature death from her life. Although that was a very sad time for her, it produced a passionate desire to do anything to get well. Welcome to Disease Proof, Theresa.       

before and after female

What was your life like before discovering Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritarian eating-style? 

I had always been pudgy and had tried numerous diets over the years: low-fat, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Slim Fast, etc. I would lose some weight and then go right back to eating anything when I couldn’t afford the diet anymore. It seemed like eating “normal” like everyone else caused me to gain weight.

In the summer of 2008 I got married, and that happiest day of my life was also the worst day of my life due to the fact that I was the heaviest that I had ever been. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn't believe what I saw; at 5'2" I weighed 227 lbs. I was horrified.

At age 47, I was on cholesterol medicine and knew that diabetes and heart problems were just around the corner for me. It was an effort to walk a short distance, and even tying my shoes became a challenge. I was having chest pains and afraid that I was getting close to my first heart attack. I became desperate and had given up hope that I would ever get in control of my eating and health.  


How did you find out about ETL?

I went to a local health food store, and a store employee, no more than twenty-years-old, had just lost 130 lbs by following Eat to Live.  He briefly explained Dr. Fuhrman’s high nutrient eating style to me, and said that he wasn’t hungry and was healthier than ever before. I wanted to live.... so I ran out and bought the book. I started the following Monday by cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and haven't looked back.


How do you feel now?

I’ve lost 102 lbs with 21 more to go to reach my ideal weight of 104 lbs. I’ve gone from size 20 to a size 2.  I now have energy and stamina, and I’m no longer on cholesterol medication; plus, my skin has even become soft and clear.

I now ride a bike, and have a membership at the Y where I swim and walk. I also love exercising on my little rebounder trampoline at home.  My goal is to run a 5 K fundraiser next spring for my sisters and friends who have died of cancer; and I know I will make it!





 227 lbs

 125 lbs


 227 (Dec. ’08)                

 182 (Dec. ’09)








 140 / 90

 112 / 65


 40 inches

 26.5 inches


 Do you have any success tip(s) to share with others? 

  • "Keep it simple." I have found that keeping this a low key, natural part of my life has been easy. I cook pots of soups and beans once or twice a week so I can grab them on-the-go.
  • Make wonderful salsas and experiment with new spices to replace salt. 
  • Try to make a new dish every week.
  • Follow Dr. Fuhrman’s food pyramid. Eat the favorite foods that you like in the quantities that he prescribes. You will lose weight and feel fantastic!

In a nutshell, what has nutritarian eating done for you?  

I am making choices that are best for my health and absolutely having an adventure doing it! Nutritarian eating has given me hope and my life back!


Congratulations Theresa for earning your health and life back ~ keep up the great work!