Inspiration for the New Year


This year is coming to a close in less than forty-eight hours.  For those of you who have been waiting for the infamous Times Square ball to drop to commit to getting your health back, the most exciting adventure of your life is about to begin! 

If you commit 100% to nutritarian eating as taught by Dr. Fuhrman in his books, newsletters, lectures, teleconferences, and articles, you will eventually live in freedom from toxic food addiction and get your health and life back.  Guaranteed. 

You must become a serious student and give it your all as if your very life depended on getting an ‘A’ in Overcoming Food Addiction; because without a doubt, it does!  (Note: 100% commitment does not mean that you will never stumble along the way.  However, it does mean that when slip-ups happen, you'll get up quickly, dust the dirt off, and keep running towards the goal of optimal health.) 

Excess weight will drop off, and medical stats will improve significantly as a by-product of replacing artificial and toxic substances with excellent nutrition.   

In 2010, don’t settle for anything less.

Go for it!  You can do it!


I wrote the following on July 9, 2008; the day before committing to nutritarian eating:

I feel sluggish most of the time with a cloud of malaise overshadowing my energy, even after a good night’s rest.  The bones and joints in my feet hurt.  My knees ache.  My feet, hands, and face are puffy. I’m bloated and my belly is extended.  I could pass for looking eight or nine months pregnant.  My lower back gets stiff and hurts after I sit for any length of time. I never have a break from this burden of obesity unless I lie down.  I carry it around day in and day out.  It is with me wherever I go.  The slow spiral into this dark abyss has arrived ever so slowly.  I am now bound and gagged in its prison cell.  Stuck.  It’s time to climb out and feel the sunshine on my face, and breathe fresh air again.  It’s time to live again. 



The following was written one year later; July 9, 2009:

Soon after a professional photo shoot (below) to document the one year anniversary of beginning my transformation, I celebrated by going on a bike ride.  Not using the best of caution, I zoomed down a hill on a gravel road.  My front tire lost control in the loose stones, and you can imagine what happened next. I ended up in another photo shoot, in a hospital radiation lab, lying flat on my back under an x-ray machine.  Although I was in excruciating pain and feeling miserable, I leapt with joy on the inside when I overheard the technician instruct his assistant to reposition my body because I was thin(Thankfully, I had no broken bones or serious injuries.)

"Thin." That’s spelled, "T-h-i-n." 

That four letter word was music to this woman's ears; the perfect ending to an adventuresome year of transformation!    

                                        after shot in photo studio

                     "What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"    -Vincent  van Gogh


One year of nutritarian eating:

  July 2008 July 2009
Weight 226 lbs. 138 lbs.
BP 150/80 110/68
Waist 50" 31"
BMI 35 21
  pre-diabetic A1C 5.3
LDL 126 87
HDL 47 56
Triglycerides 203 68



Let's hear from you.  Are you committing to nutritarian eating in 2010?  Dr. Fuhrman recommends making your intentions known to at least four people.  Here's a great place to start!


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It's Not About Deprivation

Are you stuck in the dieting rut that says, “I have to give up this or that; I can’t have this; I can’t have that?” or  “My New Year’s resolution will be to restrict calories to lose fifty pounds by summer.” 


If you are, you are one of millions held captive in the American dieting prison system.   

Nutritarin eating is about . . . . eating.

I can eat this. I can eat that.

It’s not about deprivation, because when the body gets the nutrients it so desperately needs, over time, the taste and desire for junk and unhealthy food choices naturally diminish.  Food preferences change and the body seeks out excellent nutrition instead.    

As we choose to eat foods that have high amounts of nutrients:  unlimited amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits, unlimited amounts of beans/ legumes, limited amounts of unsalted nuts, seeds and grains, a bit of fish and poultry (if desired); we no longer are controlled by unnatural cravings for junk. 

Just like the body doesn’t naturally crave nicotine unless it repeatedly smokes cigarettes; likewise, it doesn’t naturally desire artificial, processed food unless it is repeatedly fed the junk.  When you are healthy, you don’t want junk.

If you are overweight or obese, you got there by starving yourself from high nutrient, natural foods.  Most likely your body has been fed unhealthy, chemically sweetened and flavored processed foods.  Your body size is the by-product of being chronically deprived of excellent nutrition. 

You need a paradigm shift.  A permanently transformed body is the result of a changed mind.  Focus your thoughts on putting nutrient dense foods into your body.  Fill your nutritional needs. 

  fruits and vegetables

I challenge you this New Year to forget about the all-consuming drive to lose weight by deprivation (which, by the way, takes a lot of psychological effort to get psyched up for and is never permanent), and focus instead on putting lots of nutrient dense foods into your body.  Fill your nutritional needs and your body will naturally decrease its drive to overeat calories.  

Do you make the salad the main dish?; including lots of raw vegetables such as shredded cabbage, carrots, sweet peppers, tomatoes, and beets?  Are you using Dr. Fuhrman’s healthy salad dressing recipes?  Don’t forget the central core of nutritarianism is eating large raw salads; including greens such as lettuce, kale or spinach in a fruit smoothie once a day, if desired.  Without the salads, it's likely that you're not interpreting Dr. Fuhrman’s guidelines accurately.  


“By teaching you how to achieve superior health, your ideal weight will follow naturally.”  -Dr. Fuhrman

Let's dialogue.  Do you focus on deprivation, or do you focus on eating a sufficient amount of high nutrient vegetation to achieve optimal health?



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Stephanie's One Month Progress Update

Stephanie began the journey to get her health back on November 1, 2009.  After one month of nutritarian eating she has lost 16 lbs and has energy and stamina for the first time in her life!  To learn more about Stephanie, including her starting medical stats, click here. 

                                                                                         before and after pic of female

How do you feel after one month of nutritarian eating? I feel like a completely different person!  I have energy and stamina that I’ve never had before in my life.  When I began, I had severe swelling in my lower legs, ankles and feet.  Now I have no swelling and all the inflammation in my body is gone. I  can stand without pain, and I can move around easier. 

My whole demeanor has also changed.  Relatives and close friends notice a big difference.  They say there was this “darkness” about me that is now completely gone.  I’ve had so many people ask me what I am doing.  


What has been your greatest success so far?  I’ve been learning to talk myself through the rough times when I want to eat for emotional reasons.  I tell myself that what I’m feeling is toxic hunger and will pass soon.  My faith has given me strength and courage to persevere through those times.   


Do you have any thoughts or success tips to share?  Yes!  Give yourself permission to be in control of your outcome.  Your success with nutritarian eating truly depends not only on the choices you make, but the choices you don't make.  One day this past month I was in situation where I felt that I did not have any other choice but to eat the standard American food that was offered to me.  I ate the food and felt lousy afterwards.  Dr. Fuhrman reminded me that I had blamed the situation and not myself, and that really put things in focus for me.  Nutritarian eating has to be a conscious choice every day. 

Cravings do go away and emotional eating can be stopped.  I just want to go out and shout to everyone that they need to make this change in their own life!   

before and current picture of female

  Beginning Now
Weight: 398 lbs. 382 lbs.
Blood Pressure: 140/110 138/82
Waist: 58" 54"


Congratulations Stephanie! Keep up the great work and we look forward to following your monthly progress as you get your health back! 

To be continued . . . . . . .