The Amazing Healing Power of Real Nutrient Rich Food


Dr. Fuhrman and Bruce

Dr. Fuhrman and Bruce


Bruce suffered a massive and catastrophic spinal cord injury while 'boogie boarding' with his son in July 2006. He was attacked by a sea lion or a large shark, possibly a Mako shark or a white shark, going after the sea lion. He nearly drowned and was only saved because his 13-year-old son pulled him from the water. Other people on the beach helped to resuscitate Bruce while he lay motionless on the beach with no pulse and no breath for several minutes. The accident rendered Bruce a quadriplegic

Suffering catastrophic injuries, Bruce was in intensive care for 30 days and then spent over 3 months in Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado for intensive rehabilitation.

Bruce’s family was devastated. Fortunately, they knew of Dr. Fuhrman. “While at Craig Hospital, my family contacted Dr. Fuhrman and told him I was being fed canned "nutrients" through a tube that went directly into my stomach. They asked Dr. Fuhrman to help devise a way that I could eat real food. Dr. Fuhrman worked closely with the hospital dietitian. The hospital was very cooperative, and in fact was eager to see what effect eating real food would have on my recovery. Dr. Fuhrman prescribed a diet of numerous fruits and vegetables and seeds and berries.”

Luckily, a local Whole Foods Market in Denver, CO, which specializes in superior organic foods, worked with Dr. Fuhrman and the hospital’s dietitians to supply the food prescribed by Dr. Fuhrman and blend the ingredients in a VitaMix blender. A tube was used to insert the food directly into the injured man’s stomach.

“Almost immediately after I began to eat the real food prescribed by Dr. Fuhrman, my infections were completely healed. I started feeling better and was able to breathe without the ventilator. After a few weeks of having the real food injected into my stomach, I learned to swallow again and was able to begin eating whole foods by mouth.”

Today, Bruce continues to follow Dr. Fuhrman’s diet. “I am happy to say that despite my devastating injury and the long road, I have been traveling towards recovery, I have not been sick for a single day and have been able to focus on the difficult task of learning to walk again. I am very grateful to Dr. Fuhrman for taking the time to help me recover and for having such a profound impact on my path to recovery.” says a grateful Bruce.