Amy Drops 30 Pounds and Her Headaches


Using Dr. Fuhrman’s plan, Mike learned a lot about diet and improved his blood work. Jodi experienced how superior nutrition could clear up her chronic skin rashes. Now check out Amy. She read Eat to Live in a hurry and 30 pounds fell off.

I read Eat to Live in two days, and started the diet mid–week. I even returned groceries that are not recommended on the program and bought healthy foods choices.As the book claims, I began to lose weight quickly. My headache symptoms became worse as my body went through a major detoxication, just as Dr. Fuhrman claims in the book.

After two weeks I started getting relief from the headaches. I have discovered that if I include gluten in my diet, the headaches return. I am so happy I found the source of my problems! I am now trying to live a well balanced life–style of walking and eating right. Even though I have not been completely strict with following the program, I still have been able to maintain a 30 pound weight loss…continue reading.

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Deb Empowered by the Natural Healing


Everyone likes a happy ending! Take Phil, he lowered his blood pressure and stopped his medication. And Steve, he dropped 42 pounds and beat diabetes. Now check out Deb. She switched to Dr. Fuhrman’s plan, learned all about the healing power of food and today feels great.

I couldn't concentrate on anything outside of my own realm. Also, I found preparing and making my own food was isolating. I ate alone which afforded me plenty of time to think of all the changes I was making to aide in my own health. I completely understand why God gave me Discoid Lupus. I am a person who does for everyone at my own expense. I am now forced to address myself and my needs first. I found in eating this way that I cannot rush the preparing or the ingesting. I see this as God's way of slowing me down and forcing me to appreciate so much that I just took for granted.

I had a pretty big reaction after being on this 6 week diet. On the 5th night of the diet, I awoke in the middle of the night. I felt as if I had a sun burn on the inside of my body. By morning, I felt as if my skin was jumping right out of my body. It was scary. I found one of the things that helped me was to have my skin rubbed. Ironic, since I am a massage therapist who massages everyone, but rarely do I receive a massage…continue reading.

Mike Learns a Lot and Improves His Blood Work


We’ve seen a bunch of people shape up on Dr. Fuhrman’s plan. Superstar Alanis Morissette slimmed down and today looks awesome. And Mildred, she had high cholesterol, but no more! Now check out Mike. He gained a lot of insight and drastically improved his blood work.

I just went to my first follow-up doctor’s visit after having stents put in. I showed the blood work results to my cardiologist who said, “Fantastic job. But you must keep it up”. He has me scheduled for another nuclear stress test in February 2007. So I am exercising, doing 1.75 miles on the treadmill everyday, and staying with the Eat to Live diet to keep my cholesterol to where it is now.

I am so thankful for the information I have learned and continue to learn from Dr. Fuhrman's book. I will soon buy some of the other books. It truly is sad that doctors do not discuss with patients the heart health problems that come if they don't get high cholesterol under control when it is first noticed. I felt confident that the Zocor would keep things under control and it did not...continue reading.

Phil Normalizes His Blood Pressure, No More Cholesterol Medications


We’ve seen a lot of people benefit from Dr. Fuhrman’s program, like Steve. He beat his diabetes and lost weight. Agatha too! She trimmed down and ditched her pills. Now get a load of Phil. Today, his blood pressure is normal and he doesn’t need his cholesterol medications:

I read Eat to Live by coincidence. Just picked it up off the book shelf. I am 60 and I had been on a beta blocker for 15 years. In the last several years I had been lethargic and very tired. My weight was almost 200 lbs. My cholesterol was 210. I had to get off the blood pressure medication, so I thought I would give the plan a try.

My weight is now 168. My blood pressure is normal and my cholesterol is 165. The first three weeks were difficult. Around week four I started feeling better and my blood pressure was much lower. Eight weeks later, my mood was back to normal and my energy level was the highest it has been in years. I am five months into the program and my story so far is a huge success.

Getting all my clothes altered was expensive. From a 37 waist to 33 ½ is a lot of alterations. I eat no salt, no bread, no processed foods, almost no desserts, almost no cheese, almost no pasta. Breakfast is a fruit smoothie with a fresh orange, or cereal with fruit or most often oatmeal—always with fresh oranges and bananas…continue reading.

Greetings from Emily Boller

I was obese for nearly twenty years, and by the time I was in my late 40's I had experienced heart disease, hypertension, pre-diabetes, hopelessness and depression, achy joints, lower back pain, “brain fog,” and loss of energy from chronic malnutrition and carrying around the extra weight.

Due to being chubby I was put on my first, nutrient restrictive diet at age six by well-meaning, but totally misguided adults.  I gradually developed anorexia that required hospitalization at the age of 17. Eventually I ballooned to 238 lbs., and attempted almost every diet imaginable on the market.  I ended up in the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting; psychological and physiological deprivation followed by binge eating episodes and more weight gain.

Back in 2002, I read Eat to Live for the first time, but put it away because I incorrectly assumed that a lifestyle of eating mostly high nutrient, plant based foods would be totally impossible to achieve in our culture.  However, after a few years of mounting medical bills, including a heart catheterization and various other medical incidents, I made the decision to get my health back, and committed to the nutritarian way of eating on July 10, 2008.

before and after images of Emily BollerAlmost ten months later the majority of 100 lbs was shed, and today I no longer have heart disease, pre-diabetes, hypertension, achy joints, lower back pain, organic depression, brain fog, or chronic lethargy. I documented the entire journey; including pictures, medical stats and how I was feeling from month to month.  To view it click here.

Because my body is now well nourished from eating nutrient rich foods, the intense cravings that compelled me to eat high fat, processed foods are now completely gone. I have literally been set free from toxic food addiction and the resulting eating disorders that developed that controlled my every waking moment for as long as I can remember.


I'm a former food addict that understands the utter despair and all-consuming pain and confusion of eating disorders. I understand a broken heart from loss of personhood and dignity due to anorexia, yo-yo dieting and obesity. I understand what it means to be so discouraged and hopeless that the desire to live fades; and I understand what it feels like to be completely free from toxic food addictions through embracing the nutritarian lifestyle while living in this junk food culture.  It is my sincerest desire to inspire, encourage and walk alongside those who want to successfully live in the same freedom.


 All the best of optimal health to everyone!

A Soldier's Eat To Live Story


Lots of people from different walks of life have shaped up on Dr. Fuhrman’s approach to diet and nutrition. A pharmaceutical rep likes it and even a lowly blogger like me lost 60 pounds. Now here’s a story from a solider in Iraq.

In January, Matt was deployed to Iraq. He has been eating Eat To Live for 8 months in military dining facilities and in the field. It's challenging, eating veggies, fruits, and whole grains, but they do provide it, you just have to filter your way through the chow hall and seek out the good foods. I also sent him boxes and boxes of healthy nuts and seeds, dried fruits, nut butters, and healthy crackers (not perfect there, but he needs energy in the desert).

People always question his diet, some in disbelief and some generally interested, like anywhere else in the world. So many people (as you all have encountered) have excuses for not wanting to eat healthy and modify their diet and lifestyle, because it's too hard, too many obstacles, etc., but here's a person who has been able to be successful in Iraq in the middle of a war for 8 months! I am so proud of him. I attribute determination, personal health goals, and compassion for his success...continue reading.

Closet Full of Colors

For almost twenty years of my adult life, I was obese. (I was also “chubby” as a kid, but won’t go there today.)

Obesity not only robbed me of health, vitality, and quality of life, it literally zapped colors right out of my life; not only deleting colorful food from my plate, but colorful clothing from my closet as well.

Over the years I invested in a few pieces of plus-size garments in the color black: a pair of black, stretch pants, a few black t-shirts, a black-patterned blouse, a black sweater, and a black jacket or two. Sometimes, rarely, a slight shade of gray was thrown into the mix, creating a rather dreary palette.

In fact, I had a “uniform” for all public events that I attended; my standard outfit consisted of a pair of size 3x black, stretch pants, and a black tank top with a lightweight, black-patterned blouse thrown over it. I wore it fall, winter, spring, and summer; even on the hottest, most sultry days of summer. It was suffocating, but it shielded glaring eyes from noticing my obesity. Of course, I always adorned myself with an artsy piece of jewelry so that people could focus on it, and not my size.

Gradually, over the course of this past year, as I got my health back, my closet started to change also, until one morning this past spring, I noticed an entire palette of beautiful and refreshing colors peaking out from its hangers. Pink. White with stripes. Sky blue. Aqua. Peach. Golden yellow. Light green. Lavender.

Black is beautiful, but becomes dreary when it’s the only color. An even drearier life. Terrible grammar, I know. But I don’t care. My closet is symbolic of the pretty colors flowing in my life now, and nothing else matters. No joking.